'Quantification of Anti-tumor, Natural Kill (NK) Cells in Normal versus Thymectomized Mice' - ANAT 396 Undergraduate Research Project Application Form

Supervisor's Name: Sandra C. Miller

Supervisor's Email: sandra.miller [at] mcgill.ca

Supervisor's Phone:

Supervisor's Website:

Supervisor's department: Anatomy and Cell Biology

Course number: ANAT 396 (Anatomy and Cell Biology)

Term: Fall 2013-2014

Project start date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Project end date: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project title: Quantification of Anti-tumor, Natural Kill (NK) Cells in Normal versus Thymectomized Mice

Project description: The project concerns the ability to record and quantify specific cells of the immune system, known as natural killer (NK) cells in normal, and thymectomized (a) young and (b) adult mice. These cells, uniquely designed as anti-tumor defense mechanisms, will be numerically counted in their birth center, i.e., the bone marrow, and their organ of primary residence and function, i.e., the spleens. We have developed specific methods of identifying NK cells among all other immune cells, also of lymphocyte morphology. The numbers of NK cells will be recorded in each instance mentioned above. An age difference in both the bone marrow and spleen is hypothesized for NK cells and moreover, in the absence of the thymus, an increase in the numbers of NK cells in those thymectomized mice is also hypothesized in both organs (above), versus normal bone marrow and spleens of identical, control, normal mice.

Prerequisite: 1 term completed at McGill + CGPA of 3.0 or higher; or permission of instructor.

Grading scheme (The final report must be worth at least 50% of final grade): 50% lab work; 50% report.

Project status: This project is taken. The professor has no more '396' projects this term.

How students can apply: N/A; this project is filled.

Ethics, safety, and training: Supervisors are responsible for the ethics and safety compliance of undergraduate students. This project involves: Animal subjects; Biohazardous substances; Handling chemicals.