CFI Innovation Fund

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Faculty of Science seeks to identify, select, and support research projects and allocate infrastructure investments based on CFI Innovation Fund objectives and evaluation criteria.

To support researchers and facilitate collaboration between multiple researchers, units, faculties, and external collaborators, Faculty members interested in applying to the anticipated CFI Innovation Fund competition are asked to express their interest by completing the short from below.

Information will only be used and retained by the Faculty of Science.

Provide a draft title for the anticipated project. You may change the project title once the competition launches.
Provide up to 5 keywords associated with the anticipated project. Separate each keyword with a comma. You may change the keywords once the competition launches.
Provide a brief summary for the anticipated project (+/-150 words). You may change the project summary once the competition launches.
Are you the lead applicant / principal investigator for the project?
Is McGill University the lead institution on the project?
List up to 10 project collaborators and their institution following this format: "First Name Last Name (institution name);" You may change project collaborators once the competition launches.
Is this your first time involved in a CFI competition?
Will you attend the CFI Innovation Fund brainstorming session on Monday July 23rd at 10:30 AM? This session is organized by the Faculty of Science for its members.
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