2006 Undergraduate Research Conference

At the 2006 Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Conference, Biology student Hala Muaddi presents her project,  

On Friday, October 20, 2006, the Faculty of Science held its second annual Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) during Homecoming 2006. The URC took place in the lobby of McGill's historic Arts Building.

Fifty-five students, representing all of the Faculty of Science, presented fifty-one research projects in a day-long poster competition. They showed their results to fellow students, alumni, members of the public, and judging panels drawn from the McGill professoriate. Their research projects covered an astonishingly broad variety of topics, from friction at the nanometric scale and field analysis of an invasive aquatic species to infant linguistic development and mathematical models of the cells responsible for bone destruction.

Following the awarding of student prizes (see below) in McGill's elegant Moyse Hall, and a very special guest lecture (see also below), the day culminated with a reception for students and alumni, where everyone celebrated the accomplishments of McGill Science students.

The third annual Undergraduate Research Conference will take place in October 2007. Contact the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science for more information.

Nobel laureate guest speaker: Dr. Rudolph A. Marcus

Dr Rudolph A. Marcus (BSc '43, PhD '46, DSc '88; Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1992) - Owen Egan 2006

The Faculty of Science was honoured to welcome Science alumnus Dr. Rudolph A. Marcus (BSc '43, PhD '46, DSc '88) as the 2006 URC keynote speaker. Dr. Marcus won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1992 for his contributions to the theory of electron transfer reactions in chemical systems. He presented a talk entitled "How do theories in science arise and how important are they for the stimulation of new experiments? A tribute to McGill".

Dr. Marcus' lecture is available for viewing on this website. View the lecture. (Requires Windows Media Player, for Mac or PC.)


URC 2006 prizewinners with Martin Grant, Dean of Science, and keynote speaker Dr. Rudolph Marcus - Owen Egan 2006

First and second prizes were awarded in six categories as follows:

Biological Sciences

(Research in fundamental non-human biological processes)

  1. David Matthews, B.Mus. Violin & B.Sc. Biology:
    The inflationary effects of environmental fluctuations ensure the persistence of sink metapopulations
    (Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez)
  2. Kwame Twumasi-Boateng, B.Sc. Microbiology & Immunology:
    Deletion of brlA in Aspergillus fumigatus Dysregulates Development and Gliotoxin Production
    (Supervisor: Dr. Donald Sheppard)

Earth System Science

  1. Stéphanie Palmer, B.A. Environment, min. Geography:
    Soil CO2 flux measurements iin the Michoacán-Guanajuato volcanic field, Mexico: results of preliminary field measurements. (July 2006)
    (Supervisor: John Stix)
  2. Andrew McKinley, B.A. Environment:
    Getting to the Root of the Matter
    (Supervisor: Tim Moore)

Health and/or Social Sciences

(Health services research, research on humans as social cultural beings; research on the economic, political, social and cultural dimensions of human activity)

  1. Julie Dumont, B.A. Psychology & History, min. World Religions:
    Functional dissociation between fornix and hippocampus in spatial conditional learning
    (Supervisor: Viviane Sziklas)
  2. Amélie Roy, B.Sc. (Agr & Env Sc) Environment - Biodiversity and Conservation and Pénéloppe Thériault, B.Eng. Bioresource Engineering:
    Mac Sustainable Project: Ecosystem Assessment of the Macdonald Campus, working document for future students and guidelines for the administration.
    (Supervisor: George McCourt)

Mathematical and Computational Sciences

  1. Patrick Donovan, B.A. Foundations of Computing, min. Computer Systems:
    Network flows: confluent, halffluent, and bifurcated
    (Supervisor: Adrian Vetta)
  2. Tayeb Aïssiou, B.Sc. Mathematics & Physics:
    What are the dynamics of osteoclasts: a mathematical and biological investigation
    (Supervisors: Nilima Nigam, Svetlana Komarova)

Medical Sciences

(Research with clear implications for human health)

  1. Stephanie Wong, B.Sc. Anatomy and Cell Biology:
    Organellar acidification in cystic fibrosis: revisiting the role of CFTR in endosomal pH Regulation
    (Supervisors: Dr. Herve Barriere and Dr. Gergely L Lukacs; Program in Cell Biology, Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute)
  2. Xiaoyang Liu, B.Sc. Biochemistry and Vincent Nadeau, B.Sc. Biochemistry:
    Searching a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis - High Throughput Drug Screening to Find Correctors of the deltaF508 CFTR Trafficking
    (Supervisors: Greame Carlisle, David Y. Thomas)

Physical Sciences

  1. Guillaume Lambert, B.Sc. Physics:
    Towards quantum nanofluidics
    (Supervisor: Guillaume Gervais)
  2. Michael Garfinkle, B.Sc. Chemistry, min. Mathematics:
    Determining step size of RecBCD helicase
    (Supervisor: Dr. Hung-Wen Li)

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