Inaugural Soup and Science, January 2006

Each day at lunch from January 9 to 13, 2006, students came to the Trottier Building to see and hear some of our newest professors give short presentations about their research. Students and professors then mingled over lunch, discussing options for how undergraduates can participate in their research. One theme that emerged over the course of the week was interdisciplinarity, and that opportunities abound for students outside their own home departments.

Participating researchers


Follow the links below to visit participating researchers' websites.

Monday, January 11, 2006 (11:30-12:30)

  • Prof. Roland Bennewitz (Physics)
    Forces and dissipation on the atomic scale, i.e., friction
  • Prof. Mairi Best (Earth & Planetary Sciences)
    Skeletal carbonate preservation; organism/sediment interactions
  • Prof. Frederic Guichard (Biology)
    Theoretical ecology/complex system theory applied to intertidal ecosystems & marine reserve design
  • Prof. Nicolas Moitessier (Chemistry)
    Organic chemistry (multistep synthesis), medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design and computational chemistry

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 (11:30-1:00)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 (12:30-1:30)

Thursday, January 12, 2006 (11:30-1:00)

  • Prof. Andrew Hendry (Biology, Redpath Museum)
    Evolution of biological diversity
  • Prof. Hung-Wen Li (Chemistry)
    Single molecule biophysics/biochemistry, enzymology, protein/DNA interactions
  • Prof. Brian McGill (Biology)
    Problems in large scale ecology or macroecology
  • Prof. Caroline Palmer (Psychology)
    Knowledge representation; skilled performance; music cognition
  • Prof. Paul Tupper (Mathematics & Statistics)
    Numerical analysis, stochastic processes, and statistical mechanics
  • Prof. Monique Zetka (Biology)
    Function and regulation of meiotic chromosome organization

Friday, January 13, 2006 (12:30-1:30)

  • Prof. Michel Bourqui (Chemistry, Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences)
    Interaction between climate and chemistry in the stratosphere
  • Prof. Robert Brandenberger (Physics)
    Theoretical cosmology: observed structure and early history of the universe
  • Prof. Joelle Pineau (Computer Science)
    Reinforcement learning and partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs); robotics; adaptive treatment design
  • Prof. Martin Robillard (Computer Science)
    Complexity of modifying large software systems over long periods of time
  • Prof. Athena Vouloumanos (Psychology)
    Language and cognitive development; speech perception; word learning; cognitive neuroscience


Victor Chisholm
Undergraduate Research Officer