Research opportunity listing for science students

The following database identifies professors who, in general, recruit undergraduate science students for research opportunities in their labs or groups. (There is no guarantee that each professor currently is hiring or has an opening.)

Professors' participation in this database is voluntary, so keep in mind that if a professor is not listed here, that does not necessarily mean that she or he never has undergraduate research positions. Some professors prefer to recruit students through other channels.

Please treat this information as one of several resources to help you gain research experience at McGill.


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» If you would like to add your name to this listing, please follow the link above. There will be a webform to complete. The database is hosted and managed by CaPS, the Career Planning Service.

» If you have any questions, please contact victor.chisholm [at] (Victor Chisholm,) Undergraduate Research Officer, tel.: 514-398-5964.