BASC 449 D1/D2 form

This is a web-based form for professors to propose research projects for BASC 449 D1/D2 undergraduate research project courses. Alternatively, a student may also complete this form after having found a professor willing to supervise her/him for a research project (if the professor has not completed the form). However, it is preferable for the professor to complete this form.

This webpage generates a form which then allows the student to apply for the project and request permission to register for the course.

See also the introduction webpage to BASC 449 D1/D2 courses (which includes prerequisites and eligibility), and how BASC 449 courses work.

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To use this web-based form, first, please sign in using the 'Login' link below. Then, navigate to the menu (usually at the left, but possibly on the top if you are using a mobile device) and click on the new subpage "BASC 449 form (restricted)" and the form will appear.

Questions, feedback, or for more information

victor.chisholm [at] (Victor Chisholm), Undergraduate Research Officer, Office for Undergraduate Research in Science. Burnside Hall, Room 720. Tel.: 514-398-5964