BASC 396 undergraduate research project courses

What is BASC 396?

It is an independent research project course which integrates both an Arts discipline and a Science discipline.

Each project will contain a significant research component that requires substantial independent work by the student.

Each research project will have a grading scheme with at least 50% of the grade for the final report.

Students may not take this course under the S/U option.

Note that enrolment may be limited. Students are advised to start the application process well before the start of the term and to plan for an alternative course in the case that no suitable project is available.

Individual projects will be posted each term which may have project-specific prerequisites. Students may apply to "vacant" projects that professors have posted on the BASC 396 website, or may approach professors and propose new projects not yet listed on the website.

Some projects may be accessible to students in other disciplines.

Students cannot be supervised by the same instructor for two 396 courses.

Who can take BASC 396?

It is open to students in any B.A. & Sc. program. BASC 396 can be taken as early as after one term of undergraduate studies. The minimum CGPA is 3.0, although this may be waived with permission of the instructor.

Projects must also be approved by the B.A. & Sc. Program Advisory Committee Chair (or designate). This permission will be requested via the Office of Undergraduate Reseach in Science (OURS). Please see "How does it work?" for these details.

What if my project is not "integrative"?

BASC 396 is an independent research project course which integrates both an Arts discipline and a Science discipline.

If your proposed project is not integrative, please consider a course (research project, independent studies, etc.) offered either by the Faculty of Science (here is a list of research courses) or the Faculty of Arts. See also the university-wide course listings and program calendars.

How does BASC 396 count toward my program?

B.A. & Sc. students may use this course to satisfy the second integrative course requirement, but may not use it to satisfy any other program requirements.


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