More 396 projects

How can I find more 396 projects, or other undergraduate research opportunities?

Most undergraduate research opportunities are not advertised (before a student signs up). Some are advertised or posted as "vacant", but that is the exception rather than the norm. This is also true for 396 projects.

So if most opportunities are not advertised, where can I find 396 projects? Talk to professors!


Most undergraduate research opportunities arise when a student and professor talk things over, and decide on an interesting project. They then complete the necessary paperwork (e.g. the online form for 396 courses).

To find professors, start at our webpage of departments, choose the department(s) that interest you, then browse the staff or faculty listings. See also How to get involved in undergraduate research for general advice on contacting professors.

You can also browse the 396 project listings, including projects from previous semesters and projects that are already taken. These may give you ideas about possible projects and supervisors. Next, refer to the previous paragraph: Talk to professors!

About COGS 396 (Cognitive Science)

This course is for projects related to cognition and the evolution of thought. It is not associated with a single department. Supervisors usually come from Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology.

About HGEN 396 (Human Genetics)

Although the Department of Human Genetics offers graduate programs, they do offer HGEN 396 to undergraduate science students. Some "vacant" HGEN 396 projects may be listed here, but just like for the other 396 courses, these do not represent all possible projects. Students interested in taking this course may want to:

  • contact patricia.tonin [at] (Dr Patricia Tonin) as the course coordinator for more information, or
  • contact professors listed on the Department of Human Genetics website.

About NSCI 396 (Neuroscience)

The undergraduate neuroscience program and courses are not associated with a single department. Prospective supervisors for NSCI 396 come from many different departments. Please see the following webpage: Neuroscience Researchers at McGill.

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