Archive: older 396 projects

Here is an archive of 396 projects from past years. You may wish to browse these projects to get an idea of some of the kinds of projects students take, and some some of the professors who supervise undergraduate research.

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Students interested in a potential project (that has already been submitted by a professors and already posted here) should communicate with the instructor proposing the project. Instructions on how to apply are indicated on each project description.

To post, create, or register for a new project (i.e., one that is not yet posted here), please use this online form. Students may ask their proposed supervisors to fill out the form for a project they have already agreed upon, or professors may fill out "empty" projects where they are looking for students. In other words: If you don't see a vacant project here that you like, you can make your own. Just talk to a professor, fill out the form, and follow the instructions.

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