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396 Form

What is this webform?

This is a web-based form for professors to propose research projects for '396' undergraduate research project courses. They may use this form either to post an "open" project for students to apply to (see project listings); or the professor may complete this form after having identified both the student and the project.

A student may also use this form after having found a professor willing to supervise her/him for a research project (if the professor has not completed the form or if the project has not yet been posted). However, it is preferable for the professor to complete this form.

This generates a form which students then use to apply for the project and obtain departmental permission to register for the appropriate course (ANAT 396, BIOL 396, CHEM 396, etc.)

See also the introduction to '396' courses, including prerequisites and eligibility, the FAQs, and how '396' courses work.


Please check the FAQs first. You will also find contact information for the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science on that page.

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