Program types: Major, Honours, Liberal

McGill's Faculty of Science is very flexible: you can choose between a program that has more breadth or a program that has more depth.

What is a major?

Your major is your versatile, comprehensive primary area of study. For example, you could pursue a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Physics, Chemistry or Psychology, to name just three possibilities. The specific requirements vary from program to program, but majors frequently take up approximately two-thirds of your credits, up to 90 credits in some programs. (In Arts, a major is known as a "major concentration.")

What is honours?

Honours programs typically involve an even higher degree of specialization than majors, include supervised research, and require students to maintain a high academic standard. An honours program provides solid preparation for graduate school.

What is the B.Sc. Liberal Program?

This is a flexible and modular program. You combine a core science component (CSC) in one discipline with a breadth component which may consist of a minor in Science or in Arts, a major concentration from the Faculty of Arts, or a second CSC. Consider the Liberal program if you do not want to overly specialize - plus, you will still have room left over for elective courses.

Where can I find my choices for majors, honours, and liberal program?

Please see our programs of study page.