Physiology student

Our students acquire an excellent background for successful performance in professional or graduate school, and in industry. Our professors love their discipline, enjoy teaching, and are enthusiastic researchers.

Physiology is the branch of the biomedical sciences that deals with the study of how living organisms function. We focus on understanding the nature of the processes that sustain the human body. Physiological research currently active in the department includes studies ranging from molecular and cellular aspects of function, all the way to integrated systems and applications to patients in the clinic, or even astronauts in space!

Many of our graduates go into graduate studies, research, medicine, or dentistry, or take further training in another discipline. A B.Sc. in Physiology is also an excellent stepping stone to employment opportunities in universities, hospitals, government, and industry.

Program options

At the undergraduate level, students may elect to follow a Liberal, Major, Joint Major, or Honours Program. All programs provide a strong core content, while the Honours Program emphasizes in addition the experimental approach.

At the graduate level, the Department offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. research programs. Professors’ research interests range from biotechnology to non-linear dynamics and chaos in biological control systems, molecular cloning, in-vitro studies of electrical properties of embryonic heart muscle, and varied aspects of brain function.

Department highlights

  • Specialized interdisciplinary programs in math and physics let students explore more than one discipline in some depth, bringing different perspectives to the study of physiology.
  • Our Research Project course gives final-year undergraduate students an opportunity to explore potential career choices through a supervised experience in the laboratory.
  • Physiology Undergraduate League of Students (PULS). Visit their website

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