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One of the greatest challenges in the biomedical sciences today is to understand disease processes and to develop new therapies. Pharmacology is the multidisciplinary science that deals with all aspects of drugs and their interactions with living organisms. Thus, it involves the physical and chemical properties of drugs, their biochemical and physiological effects, mechanisms of action, absorption, distribution and elimination from the body, and therapeutic and illicit uses. Pharmacology has developed its own set of principles and methods to study the mode of action of drugs, in addition to utilizing many techniques and approaches from several disciplines, including: biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, and cell and molecular biology.

Program options

At the undergraduate level, the Department offers Minor, Major and Honours programs. The minor Program provides a focused introduction to Pharmacology to students registered in complementary B.Sc. programs. The Major Program provides a solid background in pharmacology and allied disciplines, which is excellent preparation for graduate studies in biomedical or environmental sciences, or professional programs, including: medicine, dentistry, nursing, and veterinary sciences. The Honours Program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a research career, and are considering subsequent graduate studies in pharmacology.

At the graduate level, students may earn a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree. Areas of research include cancer, epigenetics, nanoscience, nervous system function & behaviour, receptor signaling, reproduction & development and toxicology.

Department highlights

  • Strong preparation for graduate studies
  • Opportunity for hands-on research experience in the final year: the student becomes affiliated with one of our pharmacology research laboratories and will carry out and interpret experiments on a designated project.
  • Excellent research facilities in the McIntyre Medical Building, and many associate faculty members in nearby institutes.

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