Anatomy and Cell Biology

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The new and rapidly developing field of Cell Biology is at the heart of stellar advances in biology and medicine. Our program offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates to climb on board.

The McGill Anatomy and Cell Biology department has a worldwide reputation for leading research in cell and molecular biology. Its undergraduate program is the only one of its kind in Canada. Courses offered by the department deal with cell biology, histology, developmental biology, cellular neurobiology, and gross anatomy.

Students acquire the strong scientific background needed to pursue a variety of career paths, including medicine, dentistry, and graduate studies in cell or molecular biology, as well as technical and administrative positions in laboratories of universities, research institutions, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

Program options

Undergraduate students may follow a Liberal, Major, or Honours program, at various levels of specialization. Honours students are required to complete a research project, which exposes them to the latest modern techniques.

Department highlights

  • A nine-credit research course provides direct, hands-on experience in original projects and the opportunity to write and defend an accompanying paper.
  • Undergraduates have an opportunity to acquire teaching experience as demonstrators in Histology, Circuitry of the Human Brain, and Anatomy.
  • Research experiences include using molecular methods to study trafficking of molecules in cells and using molecular technologies to investigate how and why cells change shape.

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