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Turn your classroom knowledge into valuable professional experience

What is an internship and why should I do one?

Would you like to "test drive" a job before you launch directly into a career? Would you like some help figuring out what it is you want to do after university? How about earning money to fund further education? You can do all of these with an internship!

An internship gives you the opportunity to gain professional and practical experience in your field of study prior to graduation. An internship is a paid, full-time work term done during your McGill undergraduate degree in a field related to your studies.

Add a practical element to your studies
An internship permits you to take your classroom knowledge and apply it to hands-on, real-life situations. Integrating theory with practice will help sharpen your professional skills and prepare you for your career.

Got the "What do I want to be blues?"
Making decisions about your career can be a difficult and often bewildering experience. By doing an internship, you will get a better sense of what it is you like to do and how you can shine as a professional, solidify your career goals and gain some valuable experience in the process.

Earn money
Earn a healthy income, pay down your student loan, and finance further education.

Enhance your degree
Participation in an Industrial Practicum (IP) or in an Internship Year in Science (IYS) will be noted on your transcript. For B.Sc. students only , if you complete two IPs or if you participate in an IYS , your program name will change to include the Internship Program designation (e.g. Bachelor of Science - Biology - Internship Program).

Am I eligible to do an internship?

  • You must be registered as a full time student before and after the IP or the IYS is completed.
  • You must have completed at least 27 credits and have at least 12 credits remaining in your degree program.
  • Your CGPA must be 2.7 or higher.
  • International McGill students are eligible to apply to IYS positions (unless otherwise indicated on the job posting) and to summer IPs (restrictions apply - consult the Internship Officer).


***Note that this office will not provide any supporting documents or letters for your internship***


Is my internship eligible?

Your internship opportunity must meet all the requirements outlined below in order to qualify:

  • Your internship opportunity must be in the industry and not in a university lab nor with a professor doing research. If the latter is the case, please visit the Undergraduate Research Office website for information.
  • Your internship must be paid; no volunteering will be validated.
  • You must be hired as full time and for a minimum of 14 weeks for FSCI 200 or FSCI 300, or a minimum of 8 months for the Internship Year in Science.
  • This internship opportunity must be related to your current studies (major and/or minor).

How to apply

  • Openings are posted on the CaPS website; students MUST apply as instructed on the job posting.  For additional information on how to obtain an internship, check the student resources page.
  • Students are encouraged to attend career related workshops (CV writing, cover letter writing, interview techniques, cold calling) and meet with a career advisor.
  • Once you secure an internship, you must complete the Science internship program registration form. You will need to log in with your McGill username.
  • Forward to our [at] (office) a copy of your accepted internship offer letter or email for validation.


***Note that it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to research and secure an internship that is best suited for his or her studies.***


Deadlines to apply

Winter 2018 January 23, 2018
Summer 2018 May 08, 2018
Fall 2018 September 18, 2018

Programs' requirements

In order to successfully complete the Science Internship Program, you MUST submit the following evaluation/summary report web form.

Your employer must submit an PDF icon employer evaluation form. This evaluation must be satisfactory. The form must be signed and sent directly to [at] (Internships & Field Studies Office).

Deadlines to submit evaluations and report

If you do your internship in Due date for evaluations and summary


Winter 2018

May 4, 2018
Summer 2018 September 7, 2018

Fall 2018

January 4, 2019
Once you are registered in the Science Internship Program, you will not be allowed to withdraw. You are responsible to complete all of the program’s requirements. Failure to do so will automatically result in a fail grade.

Industrial Practicum (description)

An Industrial Practicum (IP) is a zero credit, Pass/Fail course. The FSCI 200 (Industrial Practicum I) and FSCI 300 (Industrial Practicum II) will be added to your transcript and will become part of your program.

PDF icon Course outline FSCI 200-300

In order to obtain a Pass grade, you must:

  1. Work for the mandatory minimum period of 14 weeks;
  2. Obtain a satisfactory evaluation from your employer; and
  3. Submit an evaluation and a written report.

Your job can be turned into an IP. Certain employers request this in order to receive a government tax credit. Check with your employer.

There is no student fee and no course fee to apply for the IP.

Completion of both FSCI 200 and FSCI 300 courses will allow only B.Sc. students to add the "Internship Program" designation to their transcript (e.g. Bachelor of Science - Biology - Internship Program).


Internship Year in Science (description)

An Internship Year in Science (IYS) is an academic program for Science students - it will be reflected on your transcript as "Internship Term - Science".

IYS internships begin in September, January or May and last for 8, 12 or 16 months.

Students on the IYS internship have their graduation date extended in order to complete their academic program.

You will be asked to answer a short questionnaire when you reach the mid-point of your internship.

PDF icon mid-term_report-iys.pdf

At the end of the IYS internship, you will be required to obtain a satisfactory evaluation from your employer and submit an evaluation and a written report of your work experience.

There is no student fee and no course fee to apply for the IYS.

If you successfully complete the IYS internship, for B.Sc. students only your program will be changed to include the "Internship Program" designation (e.g. Bachelor of Science - Biology - Internship Program).


Science Internship Program at a glance

Internship flyer

Internship flyer


For additional information on the IP or IYS

Contact: [at] (Internships & Field Studies Office)
Faculty of Science
Burnside Hall room 720
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal Quebec H3A 0B9
Tel.: 1-514-398-1063


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