STARS: Inreach to McGill Science staff

Outreach goes inside with STARS (Scientists Talk About Research for Staff), a series of special lunch-hour talks for Faculty of Science support staff. To bridge the gap between scientists and those who work behind the scenes to support them, once a month, researchers give an informal talk about their work. The audience includes lab technicians, database managers, administrative assistants, and advisors. A light lunch is served during each talk courtesy of the Dean of Science.

For more information, or to RSVP, please contact Ingrid Birker, Science Outreach Coordinator, at science.outreach [at], or call 514-398-4094

Please note, STARS are now GREEN: Please bring your own plate, fork, napkin, and cup. Facilities for washing-up are nearby.

Location: Room 430 at 3610 McTavish Street.

FALL 2018

Tomislav Friscic

September 13, 2017: Chemistry 2.0: Developing a Chemical System that Does Not Ignore Caring for the Environment.
By Prof. Tomislav Friščić (Chemistry).


Signy Sheldon

October 12, 2017: Factors that affect Memory Retrieval: From behaviour to the brain.
By Prof. Signy Sheldon (Psychology)


Elsbeth Heaman

November 8, 2017: History of Women in Science @ McGill and in Canada.
By Prof. Elsbeth Heaman (Dept. History & Interim Director McGill Institute for Studies of Canada)


Peter Grutter

December 13, 2107: Nanotechnology: There Is Plenty of Room at the Bottom.
By Prof. Peter Grütter (Physics)



Stephanie C. Weber

January 10, 2018: Organelles without borders: Liquid droplets organize the cell.
By Prof. Stephanie C. Weber (Biology)


Vicgtoria Kaspi

February 7, 2018: Short Radio bursts.
By Prof. Vicky Kaspi (Physics)


Andrew Gonzalez

March 7, 2018: Life in the Anthropocene: should I be worried?
By Prof. Andrew Gonzalez (Biology)


James MacDougall

April 4, 2018: The psychological impact of childhood hearing impairment and deafness.
By Prof. James MacDougall (Psychology)