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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option

S/U Option for Grading FAQ

After reading this you should refer to our S/U Decision Making guide.
Details about changes for 2020-2021 are on Enrolment Services Additional S/U Option page.

Q: Can I use the S/U option on a course and still count it towards my program?

A: Normally no, it is only for electives. But and exception has been made for courses taken in the Winter 2020, Summer 2020 (with conditions), Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms.
For info on S/U changes for 2020-2021, see the Enrolment Services Additional S/U Option page.

Q: I want to remove the S/U option that I selected earlier in the term from a course so that the grade will now show. Can I do that?

A: The deadlines to remove the S/U option have not changed. They are the same as the course withdrawal without refund deadline (late October for Fall, early March for Winter courses). Check the Key Academic Dates page.

Q: Do I have to decide what grading system I want right away?

A: No, exceptionally for 2020-2021, you have until mid January for Fall courses, and mid to late May for Winter courses and spanned (D1D2) courses. In fact, you should wait until you know your final grade before you make the decision. Once you make the request, you cannot change it back again. See the Additional S/U Option page at Enrolment Services for details.

Q: How will the S/U option affect me if I am on probation?

A: Your CGPA as it appears on your transcript will be taken at face value. Make your decision about the S/U option once you know your grades and use it to maximize your CGPA.

Q: How will the S/U option affect my application for readmission?

A: Each case will be reviewed individually with a bias in the student’s favour. The S/U option will not harm your readmission chances.

Q: I have a spanned course that started in September and ends this April. Can I use the S/U option on this course?

A: Yes, up to a max of 6 credits in 2020-2021 only. None of the credits for the spanned course (neither Fall 2020 nor Winter 2021) will count towards your maximum limit of S/U courses for your degree.

Q: Will professional schools and graduate schools accept courses that have S/U?

A: Ask them and check their websites. Beware of schools that recalculate S grades as C, and U grades as F!

Q: How will using the S/U option affect my inter-faculty or intra-faculty transfer to the BSc or the BA&Sc degree?

A: We will ask you for the grades in the relevant required courses.

Q: How will the S/U option affect my application to an honours program in Science or in the BA&Sc?

A: An S grade will be taken to mean you met the minimum grade required for that course. Your CGPA will be taken at face value as it appears on your transcript. So, make your selections to maximize your CGPA.

Q: I got a D in an elective course and I am up for graduation. Should I use the S/U option?

A: It depends on if you need those credits to graduate. A D grade will earn you the credits and since this is an elective course, a D is acceptable, although it may will lower your CGPA a bit. If you use the S/U option, since the grade is below a C, you will get a grade of U and you will not get the credits for the course, but your CGPA will not change.

Q: If I got a grade below C in a course and I select S/U, I will get U. Can I still write the supplemental exam?

A: You can apply for a supplemental exam. The supplemental grade will also have the S/U option. No, you cannot have a regular grade for the supplemental if the original course grade is U.

Q: How will the S/U option affect my chances of getting on the in-course (i.e. not a graduation year) Dean’s Honour List?

A: To be confirmed...

Q: How will the S/U option affect my chances of getting or maintaining awards or scholarships?

A1: For entrance scholarships see the Scholarships and Student Aid site on this topic.
Scholarships and Student Aid updated for new S/U rules (it may take some time for updated info for 2020-2021 to appear)

A2: For Awards from Science, we are using the same rules as the Scholarships office. To be confirmed...

Q: How will the S/U option affect my chances of getting on the Dean’s Honour List or Distinction at graduation?

A: The normal rules apply (minimum 60 McGill credits) and the CGPA is taken at face value from the transcript.

Q. Why does my Degree Evaluation report on Minerva say that all my courses with S grades are electives and that I cannot graduate?

A. Degree Evaluation has not been reprogrammed to allow S/U grades for program courses, so it is returning errors. See your program advisor(s) about your program requirements, and your SOUSA advisor about your degree requirements.

Changes in the S/U Option regulations for Summer 2020 courses

Students were permitted to use the S/U option on courses which were being used to fulfill program requirements (Majors, Honours, Minor, etc…) in Science programs only. Programs outside of Science (like minors in Arts or Management) did not allow S/U courses for Summer 2020.

S/U courses in the Summer 2020 are not included in the count toward the maximum limit of 10% of degree credits.


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