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Exams and assessments

Winter 2021

Will Winter 2021 exams/evaluations still follow the 2x+30minute rule?

Yes. Full details of the assessment regulations for the Winter 2021 semester can be found on the Faculty of Science website at and

Will the Winter 2021 final exams be in person?

There is no plan for in-person exams at this time.

Will ‘forward-only’ or ‘no review’ quizzes be used in Winter 2021?

An addendum to the Assessment Regulations for Winter 2021 was approved at the Faculty of Science Council meeting on December 1, 2020. Among other things, that addendum states that:

[…] the use of the “no review” quiz option on any graded assessment in the Faculty of Science will only be allowed by special permission of a committee chaired by the Associate Dean (Academic) of the Faculty of Science. […] Permission will only be granted if convincing pedagogical reasons make the use of the “no review” option more appropriate than other available assessment options. Requests solely based on the prevention of cheating will not be granted.

For the full text of the Assessment Regulations for Winter 2021, please see

For the full text of the addendum, please see

Fall 2020

Assessment Regulations Fall 2020: Assessments (midterms and final exams) in Faculty of Science courses will operate under the regulations found here (pdf versionPDF icon Assessment Regulations Fall 2020, published July 22)

Exam Queries: If you have questions concerning the upcoming exam session, please email [at]; please use McGill identification (McGill ID, or use McGill email address).

Exam Cover Page & Integrity Statement: All Faculty of Science final exams with include this Cover Page PDF icon Exam Cover Page Fall 2020 this page will contain implementation details that your instructor has determined for your final take-home exam. It also contains an Academic Integrity statement that you should sign when uploading and submitting your final exam script  (i.e. your solutions).  The page will be distributed by your instructor prior to the exam.

When is my final exam?

If your course has a final exam, it will take place at the time specified in the Examination Schedule, available at However, contact your instructor or review their revised course outline/method of evaluation, as the final exam may have been replaced by an alternative form of assessment.

The extended period for submission for Take Home exams means that I have two exams that overlap. Does this mean I have an exam conflict?

All conflicts were dealt with in the construction of the original exam schedule, and the extended period for Take Home exams is intended to allow you to overcome any accessibility issues that you might encounter. Therefore overlapping exams do not necessarily constitute a conflict: please see

What should I do if I have questions during my final exam?

Your instructor will give clear instructions about how to contact them during the final exam; please review the course website and/or myCourses.

Winter 2020

Exams will be offered during the regular exam period, but there will be no sit-down exams on campus this April. See for details about deferred exams, including for students who are graduating this Winter 2020 term.

What if I miss my exam or am otherwise unable to finish my course on time?

There will be a deferred exam period for graduating students in May (see the link above) and another deferred period later in the summer. Details will be posted at the link above.

I cannot complete my course and want to withdraw. What is the deadline?

This will be determined later.

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