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Undergraduate students (B.Sc. and B.A.&Sc.)

Assessment Regulations Fall 2020: Assessments (midterms and final exams) in Faculty of Science courses will operate under the regulations found here (pdf versionPDF icon Assessment Regulations Fall 2020, published July 22)

Exam Queries: If you have questions concerning the upcoming exam session, please email [at]; please use McGill identification (McGill ID, or use McGill email address).

Exam Cover Page & Integrity Statement: All Faculty of Science final exams with include this Cover Page PDF icon Exam Cover Page Fall 2020 this page will contain implementation details that your instructor has determined for your final take-home exam. It also contains an Academic Integrity statement that you should sign when uploading and submitting your final exam script  (i.e. your solutions).  The page will be distributed by your instructor prior to the exam.

FAQ: These are some of the questions we have been getting. If, after reading the answers here, you are still unsure of what decision to make, please contact your advisor. Their name is listed on your Minerva transcript.

S/U Option for Grading

After reading this you should refer to our S/U Decision Making guide.

The form to request to add or remove the S/U option is now available. Note that while the instructions do not mention removing the S/U from Winter 2020 courses, the form does offer this function. You can only use the form ONCE, so read this FAQ and our decision making guide before using the form.

Q: Can I use the S/U option on a course and still count it towards my program?

A: Yes, but only if the course is taken in the Winter 2020 term.

Q: I want to remove the S/U option that I selected in January from a course so that the grade will now show. Can I do that?

A: Yes, but only for Winter 2020 courses (including spanned courses that end in Winter 2020).

Q: Do I have to decide what grading system I want right away?

A: No, you have until May 22. In fact, you should wait until you know your final grade before you make the decision. Once you make the request, you cannot change it back again.

Q: How will the S/U option affect me if I am on probation?

A: Your CGPA as it appears on your transcript will be taken at face value. Make your decision about the S/U option once you know your grades and use it to maximize your CGPA.

Q: How will the S/U option affect my application for readmission?

A: Each case will be reviewed individually with a bias in the student’s favour. The S/U option will not harm your readmission chances.

Q: I have a spanned course that started in September 2019 and ends this April. Can I use the S/U option on this course?

A: Yes, and it will apply to the whole course. None of the credits for the spanned course (neither Fall nor Winter) will count towards your maximum limit of S/U courses for your degree.

Q: Will professional schools and graduate schools accept courses that have S/U?

A: Ask them. You may want to wait until May to give schools a chance to make those decisions. This is one of the reasons the deadline to request S/U is so late.

Q: How will using the S/U option affect my inter-faculty or intra-faculty transfer to the BSc or the BA&Sc degree?

A: We will ask you for the grades in the relevant required courses.

Q: How will the S/U option affect my application to an honours program in Science or in the BA&Sc?

A: An S grade will be taken to mean you met the minimum grade required for that course. Your CGPA will be taken at face value as it appears on your transcript. So, make your selections to maximize your CGPA.

Q: I got a D in an elective course and I am up for graduation. Should I use the S/U option?

A: It depends on if you need those credits to graduate. A D grade will earn you the credits and since this is an elective course, a D is acceptable, although it may will lower your CGPA a bit. If you use the S/U option, since the grade is below a C, you will get a grade of U and you will not get the credits for the course, but your CGPA will not change.

Q: If I got a grade below C in a course and I select S/U, I will get U. Can I still write the supplemental exam?

A: You can apply for a supplemental exam. The supplemental grade will also have the S/U option. No, you cannot have a regular grade for the supplemental if the original course grade is U.

Q: How will the S/U option affect my chances of getting on the in-course (i.e. not a graduation year) Dean’s Honour List?

A: The Faculty of Science is using the same rules as the Scholarships and Student Aid office ( ). You will need a minimum of 12 graded credits in the Fall and Winter terms combined (normally this number is 27 credits).

Q: How will the S/U option affect my chances of getting or maintaining awards or scholarships?

A1: For entrance scholarships see the Scholarships and Student Aid site on this topic.
Scholarships and Student Aid updated for new S/U rules

A2: For Awards from Science, we are using the same rules as the Scholarships office.

Q: How will the S/U option affect my chances of getting on the Dean’s Honour List or Distinction at graduation?

A: We are still working on that and will post an answer here soon.

Changes in the S/U Option regulations for Summer 2020 courses

Students must select the S/U option during the course change period at the beginning of term (first four scheduled days of classes for summer courses). Students will not be permitted to change this option after the course change period ends.

Students will be permitted to use the S/U option on courses which are being used to fulfill program requirements (Majors, Honours, Minor, etc…) in Science programs only. Programs outside of Science (like minors in Arts or Management) do not allow S/U courses for Summer 2020.

S/U courses in the Summer 2020 will not be included in the count toward the maximum limit of 10% of degree credits.

As an example, take the case of a student who was admitted from CEGEP and must complete 90 credits at McGill, and thus has an allowed limit of 9 S/U credits. Prior to Winter 2020 she had already completed 6 elective credits with the S/U option. Regardless of how many S/U credits she completes in Winter and Summer 2020, she will still be allowed to complete 3 more elective credits with the S/U option after Summer 2020.

Study Away (including Summer 2020) and Exchange

Q: I am on exchange and my host university is offering Pass/Fail grading on my course. Can I opt for this and still transfer the credits?

A: Yes, but only for Winter 2020 courses that you had approved by McGill. Be aware that when we transfer credits, we do not transfer grades. Only McGill courses affect your CGPA.

Q: I have left Montreal and would like to take courses elsewhere over the summer. Can I do this?

A: Yes, but for online/remote courses only. See our instructions in the Student Handbook under Summer Study Away. We are not authorizing on campus courses at other universities over the summer.

Summer Studies at McGill

Q: I have gone home for the summer. Can I still take a McGill course over the summer?

A: We expect many McGill summer courses will be adapted to be offered at a distance. Check on Minerva class schedule and check back here for updates. Note that it may take some time for departments to adapt their courses to an online format, and not all courses may be offered.


If you have questions concerning the upcoming exam session, please email [at]; please use McGill identification (McGill ID, or use McGill email address).

Exams will be offered during the regular exam period, but there will be no sit-down exams on campus this April. See for details about deferred exams, including for students who are graduating this Winter 2020 term.

Q: What if I miss my exam or am otherwise unable to finish my course on time?

A. There will be a deferred exam period for graduating students in May (see the link above) and another deferred period later in the summer. Details will be posted at the link above.

Q: I cannot complete my course and want to withdraw. What is the deadline?

A: This will be determined later.

Students are encouraged to contact their course instructor if they anticipate or experience difficulties in participating in courses or exams up to the end of term due to illness or internet accessibility.

Message from Associate Provost Chris Buddle (29th March):

Resources for Students

Once your courses start back up again, you may have students who need additional academic, personal, financial, or wellness support during this challenging time. Here’s a list of McGill services and resources that can help:

  • Many student-facing McGill services have moved operations online or by phone; visit this page on the Student Services website for a list and instructions for access.
  • Teaching and Learning Services has create a suite of online resources to help students adjust to remote learning.
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has a series of helpful FAQs for grad students affected by the closure of campuses.
  • Students with disabilities are encouraged to refer to the OSD’s FAQs related to accessing services and accommodations.
  • The Scholarships and Student Aid Office is available to Bachelors, Masters and PhD students to discuss any urgent or immediate financial needs that may come up for them because of COVID-19, whether this be related to food and living security, financial barriers to remote learning, or other concerns.
  • Keep.meSAFE is a 24/7/365 remote mental health counselling service offered to students in conjunction with our student societies. Students can get started by downloading the MySSP app for iOS or Android.
  • Students should also familiarize themselves with the adjusted academic measures for Winter 2020.
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