TIE lab members had four new publications in March 2021


Published: 12Apr2021

1. March 5, 2021, Kaila Bonnell, Emilie Michalovic, and Dr. Shane Sweet published their study entitled "Physical activity for individuals living with a physical disability in Quebec: Issues and opportunities of access" on the Disability and Health Journal. This qualitative study investigated the relative accessibility of physical activity from the perspective of individuals with physical disabilities. The first author, Kaila Bonnell, worked as an undergrad research assistant at the TIE lab between 2018 and 2019.

2. March 23, 2021, Dr. Meredith Rocchi (TIE lab alumni), Zhiyang Shi (TIE lab student), and Dr. Shane Sweet (TIE lab co-director) published a paper entitled "Identifying the outcomes of participating in peer mentorship for adults living with spinal cord injury: a qualitative meta-synthesis" on the Psychology & Health. This study identified a total of 87 positive and negative outcomes of community-based SCI peer mentorship, such as independence, community participation, reduced isolation, and understanding.

3. March 26, 2021, Dr Shane Sweet, Zhiyang Shi, and Dr. Meredith Rocchi published a paper entitled "A longitudinal examination of leisure-time physical activity (LTPA), participation, and social inclusion upon joining a community-based LTPA program for adults with disabilities”. This study examined the role of a community-based LTPA program in increasing physical activity and enhancing participation among adults with physical disabilities.

4. March 29, 2021, Emilie Michalovic, Dr. Shane Sweet, and Dr. Dennis Jensen published their study entitled “Research and Healthcare Priorities of Individuals Living with COPD. This study describes the research and healthcare priorities of individuals living with COPD.

Congratulations, TIE lab!

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