KPE’s Exercise Metabolism and Nutrition Research Laboratory attends the 2022 CSEP Conference


Published: 9Nov2022

Congratulations to Sarkis Hannaian, Milly Huang, and Freddie Seo of Dr. Tyler Churchward-Venne’s Exerise Metabolsim and Nutrition Research Laboratory, who attended the 2022 Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) conference from November 2nd-5th in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Sarkis Hannaian, 3rd year PhD Candidate, was selected as one of three finalists eligible for the Graduate Oral Presentation Award for his talk entitled ‘Ketone monoester co-ingestion with protein maintains protein-mediated mTOR-Rheb co-localization and decreases TSC2-Rheb co-localization in human skeletal muscle’. The finalists for this award were chosen by a panel of judges amongst 30 other students across Canada.

His presentation was centered around his research uncovering the mechanisms that underpin the anabolic potential of ketone monoester supplements by highlighting the intracellular co-localization and translocation of mTOR (the master growth regulator of muscle cells) in human skeletal muscle. He describes that his work allows the visualization of the movement of mTOR within the muscle cell towards the site of protein synthesis (i.e., towards the cell periphery via the lysosome where it can bind to its direct activator) using immunohistochemistry techniques.

Milly Huang presented her poster entitled ‘Differences in the magnitude of muscle atrophy but similar declines in muscle strength between the elbow flexors and extensors in response to 14-days of upper-limb immobilization in young women’.

Freddie Seo presented his poster entitled ‘Disuse-induced elbow flexor strength loss occurs independent of muscle atrophy and is accompanied by imbalances in corticospinal output following 14-days of unilateral upper-arm immobilization in young women’. His poster was eligible for the Graduate Student Award.

Congratulations also to Ada Sevinc, 2nd year MSc student in Dr. Jenna Gibbs’ Laboratory, for attending and presenting her poster entitled ‘Evaluating the association between energy availability and bone strength in young endurance-trained individuals: A cross sectional study protocol’.

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