Dance in support of Ukraine


Published: 21Sep2022

Our own Aleksei Kavun, a Ph. D. student from the Li lab, participated in the Révolution dance competition with a political message supporting Ukraine. His heartfelt dance was broadcasted on the TVA channel on September 18th. Aleksei's Ukrainian father, Mikhail Kavun, was illegally detained in Russia and later recognized as a political prisoner. On the stage of the Révolution, Aleksei sent his message of support to his father and all victims of the ongoing war in Ukraine, as well as political prisoners in Russia. You can also help Aleksei to lobby for his father's freedom by signing a petition launched by Aleksei: For more information on his fathers case, please visit the following link.

Here is The Episode to watch Aleksei's amazing performance, starting at 1:05:30. Please visit the following link for more information about Aleksei's dance on Révolution.

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