Canada geese: What you may not know about the pesky national symbol


Published: 12May2021

Many Canadians are familiar with the honking and hissing that marks the beginning of the spring season, some might be more intimately familiar with the feeling of large wings batting about the sides of their head, but one thing is for certain: most Canadians have a Canada goose story.

Canada geese flying in their V formation are usually one of the first signs of the return of warm weather, but it also marks the return of the pesky waterfowl taking over our waterfronts, golf courses and parks. Here’s what you should know about the birds that have become a national symbol.

...And our finely manicured lawns and golf courses are a high-quality meal for a goose.

“It's no fault of theirs, we've created the problem in providing these huge expanses of lawns and golf courses, airports and so on, and geese just love to feed on grasses,” David Bird, emeritus professor of wildlife biology at McGill University, told in a phone interview on Wednesday.


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