"COVID and More" with Guest Dr. John Brownstein


Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital Dr. John Brownstein has been working on a number of research projects with respect to COVID-19 surveillance. Among them, early detection and global tracking of COVID-19 with HealthMap, as well as crowdsourcing of illness in communities across the United States and Canada with COVID Near You, which encourages people to "submit" how they are feeling. We speak with Dr. Brownstein on this week's "COVID and More".


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John Brownstein, PhD is Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School and is the Chief Innovation Officer of Boston Children’s Hospital. He directs the Computational Epidemiology Lab and the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator both at Boston Children’s. He was trained as an epidemiologist at Yale University. Dr. Brownstein is also Uber’s healthcare advisor and co-founder of digital health companies Epidemico and Circulation.

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