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Friends of the Library

Virtual Event | 2020 Shakespeare Lecture with Antoni Cimolino


Antoni Cimolino, the current Stratford Festival Artistic Director has contributed to the prominence of the organization for over 30 years in a variety of different roles./libraryCategory: Libraries

Virtual Event | Mossman Lecture - Race to the Future? Reimagining the Default Settings of Technology & Society


The Mossman Endowment of McGill University presents the D. Lorne Gales Lecture in the History of Science. This year's lecture entitled "Race to the Future?/libraryCategory: Libraries

Coming soon: The McGill Library Orientation Game | Raising Spirits: a Timely Diversion

Published: 12Aug2020

The McGill library is offering an innovative activity to welcome new, current, and former McGillians back to campus, even if only in spirit. We hope to draw everyone back from afar with the aid of...

Trottier Public Science Symposium "In Whom Do We Trust" featuring Anthony Warner & Wendy Zukerman


This is the age of the pandemic. And that is truly terrifying. But it is also the age of the “infodemic,” and that too has some chilling features./ossCategory: Alumni...

Visual rebranding of McGill Library’s WorldCat Discovery Catalogue going live July 24, 2020

Published: 22Jul2020

As you may know, McGill Library has partnered with the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) and a coalition of 17 other Quebec universities to implement a unified catalogue that rolled...

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