Where is the Peace in WPS? Addressing demilitarization as a key priority

White paper

White Paper

Militarization is a barrier to meaningful peace and security in Canada and around the world. The purpose of this paper is to highlight existing government policy relationships to militarization, to demonstrate how this impedes efforts to bolster global peace and security, and to present alternative options for the future. Pursuing demilitarization is necessary for upholding Canada’s commitment to Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) priorities, and should be prioritized in future Canadian National Action Plans (NAP). We hope that this will inform future policy development across relevant portfolios, including National Defence, Status of Women, Global Affairs, Public Safety, and International Trade.

This report was generated by members of the Women, Peace, & Security Research Network. Created through a working group of experts, dialogue was initiated around what demilitarization means in the context of the WPS Agenda priorities in Canada. Contributors included academics, government officials, activists, and nongovernmental organization representatives.

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