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Our Blog

Written by our Network members, our blog covers a wide variety of topics under the WPS umbrella.

The Research Network for Women, Peace and Security seeks to conduct and share ongoing in-depth nuanced research and analysis to address issues relating to women, peace and security.

We welcome well-reasoned and well-researched blog post submissions that can contribute to the Canadian public’s understanding of issues pertaining to women, peace and security, and its implications for a variety of actors and institutions.

Entries may be submitted to: rnwps.mbspp [at]

Submission Guidelines

  • Entries must be between 800 and 1100 words. Please feel free to contact us at rnwps.mbspp [at] if you feel that 1100 words is limiting for the issue you would like to address, and our editors can give you some feedback.
  • Entries should be written for a wider audience in mind, including the general public, policymakers and practitioners.
  • We recommend you lead with your main argument and use short paragraphs with less academic jargon so that your work can be accessible to a wider audience.
  • We recommend you use hyperlinks rather than citations for references. Please be mindful of using open access sources as some of our readers might not have access to academic journals or paywalled sources.

Editing Process

  • Once we receive your submission, one of our editors will read through it and provide you with feedback. Our feedback should be used to enhance your arguments and ensure that your writing is accessible to the Network’s wider audience.
  • Once the edits are made, we will post your entry on our website and social media accounts. Please feel free to share your published blog post to your other networks!
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