Request for Proof of Insurance

Proof on insurance is requested when

1) the University is actively involved with outside institutions;

2) the University either participates or organizes an event off premises;

3) the host institution may request liability coverage in the event that students are required to participate in pursuing university approved activities off campus.


To obtain a certificate of insurance or proof of insurance, the following procedures are required:

1.       Complete the online form  PDF icon Request for Proof of Liability Insurance.  This form must be completed by the requesting unit.  Students who are required to provide proof of insurance should ask the unit’s supervisor to complete the on-line form for them.

2.      Email the form and any supporting documentation to [at] advising if Legal review has been undertaken.

3.      Once the documents have been reviewed, the certificate of insurance will be issued.


Please allow sufficient time for the certificate to be processed, by notifying [at] a week or two before it is required. This will allow time to assess, and review the request since not all requests are straight forward.