Automobile insurance

Units are asked to update and submit their list of drivers annually to the Risk Management and Insurance Office to ensure accurate records.

What is insured

All vehicles owned (purchased or long-term leased) by McGill University must be insured under the University's Automobile Policy and bear an authorized University insignia. Vehicles presently covered on this policy include tractors, trailers, snowmobiles and vans. They are insured for:

  • fire
  • theft
  • direct damage (vandalism, etc.)
  • third party liability
  • vehicles 10 years old or less are insured for collision

Units are responsible for the insurance costs of vehicles registered to them. Personally-owned vehicles used for McGill business are not covered on the University's Automobile Policy. Protection in this situation is provided under the individual's personal insurance policy.

What is not covered

The following exclusions exist:

  • personal property of any kind
  • personally owned vehicles used for McGill business
  • impaired driving
  • unauthorized drivers

Property in transit

Items used to conduct research can be insured while in transit by accessing the Miscellaneous Property Insurance Form, by contacting [at] (Risk Management and Insurance) (514) 398-6251. Deductibles apply for all losses.

Accident reporting

Information can be reported by using the Joint Report of Auto Accident, or by phone, fax, email or interunit mail, depending on its urgency. Accident reporting has been outlined in detail in the MCGILL PURCHASING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES GUIDELINES REGARDING MCGILL VEHICLES Please consult this document for specific instructions regarding automobile accident reporting. However, as a summary, the following guidelines apply:

  • The following accidents must be reported to the police without exception:
    • Accidents involving bodily injuries and death;
    • Hit and run accidents: Police reports must be completed prior to moving our vehicle;
    • All accidents occurring outside the Province of Quebec.
  • All other accidents are subject to the provincial "no fault insurance" plan. The regulations affect the University in the following manner:
    • Joint Report of Auto Accident must be completed, in detail, following all accidents in the Province of Quebec, with or without the cooperation of the other party.
    • Accidents where fault has been assigned to McGill are subject to a $1000 deductible. Two estimates for repairs are required before Risk Management and Insurance can approve repairs.
  • Accidents where fault has not been assigned to McGill are paid by insurers, and require an insurance adjuster's intervention. Negotiated prices are considered fixed costs in all cases.
  • Vehicles unsafe to drive or with broken windows or door locks can be towed or driven to a garage of choice. Contact [at] (Risk Management and Insurance) (514) 398-6251 for further instructions.

Original invoices must be paid by the unit. Copies of the invoice, along with accounting proof of payment, are to be forwarded to Risk Management and Insurance.

Repairs to windshields should conform to the MCGILL PURCHASING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES GUIDELINES REGARDING MCGILL VEHICLES introduced by Purchasing as part of their fleet management program in order to benefit from available discounts. Accidents must still be reported to Risk Management and Insurance. Invoices are to be paid by units and for reimbursement copies are to be forwarded to Risk Management and Insurance along with proof of payment (print screen) from the Banner system.


New vehicles are purchased/leased according to the MCGILL PURCHASING POLICIES AND PROCEDURES GUIDELINES REGARDING MCGILL VEHICLES dated August 3, 1994. As outlined, copies of the appropriate approval signatures must be sent to Risk Management and Insurance prior to delivery in order to obtain the certificate of insurance required to license the vehicle with the government. Additions, substitutions and deletions must also be reported to Risk Management and Insurance by the Fleet Coordinator, using the AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE INFORMATION FORM

In the spring of each year, Fleet Coordinators will receive a listing of the vehicles for which they are responsible together with a list of the authorized drivers for those vehicles. These lists should be approved, or corrected, and returned to Risk Management and Insurance , in order to provide an accurate report to our insurer. Incorrect information can result in uninsured losses and affect the cost of premiums for the new policy year.

Everyone using University-owned vehicles is requested to assist the Fleet Coordinator in providing accurate information to Risk Management and Insurance .



Any and all tickets issued to McGill University's vehicles must be paid immediately by the automobile operator. Late payments are not only subject to additional penalties, they also inconvenience other units. Since we all share one fleet registration number, vehicles from completely innocent units have been impounded due to outstanding infractions from those responsible for the original traffic violation. Please help us avoid the inconvenience caused by delayed payments.

Insurance and Vehicle registration

Registration, including renewals, is a decentralized function. Fleet Coordinators were assigned recently by each unit to fulfill this responsibility. Again, delays or improper reporting can inconvenience other units since the Motor Vehicle Department has assigned one central fleet number to McGill. Failure to renew licences or to advise the government of vehicles sold or scrapped can have an adverse affect on other units. Please ensure that the government has been advised of all changes or cancellations.


It is the intent of the University to ensure that all McGill vehicles are operated safely and serviced according to Purchasing 's guidelines. Each employee who operates a University vehicle must take responsibility for accident prevention. Therefore, operators of University vehicles are required to adhere to all traffic safety rules and regulations and to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

Inquiries may be directed to: [at] (Support), or
Janice.McGraw [at] (Janice McGraw), Associate Director

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