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Groupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Philosophie Politique

Upcoming events in political theory in Montreal


GRIPP:  Lisa Guenther, Philosophy, Vanderbilt.  September 20, 2013.  

GRIPP:  Magali Bessone, Philosophy, Rennes.  October 18, 2013.  

GRIPP:  Gerald Gaus, Philosophy, University of Arizona.  October 25, 2013. 

GRIPP:  Christian Barry, Philosophy, ANU.  November 1, 2013.   

GRIPP manuscript workshop: Peter Dietsch, Catching Capital.  December 11, 2013

GRIPP: Massimo Renzo, Warwick.  March 21, 2014.

GRIPP: Chandran Kukathas, Political Theory, LSE.  April 4, 2014.  

GRIPP methods workshop: Rhetoric.   April 11, 2014.  

Conference: "Ethical Dimensions of Monetary Policy."  April 24-25, 2014  University de Montreal.

Conference: "Global Justice After Colonialism."  May 9-10, 2014, McGill.

GRIPP Annual Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop, Paul Gowder, A Commitment to Equality: The Rule of Law in the Real World. May 19, 2014.


GRIPP:  Jeremy Waldron, Chichele Professor of Political Theory, All Souls College, Oxford University.  October 5, 2012, 2-4 pm.  Ferrier 456, McGill.  Reception to follow.

GRIPP workshop: Leif Wenar, Fair Trade in Natural Resources.  October 12, 2012, all day, Ferrier 456, McGill.

GRIPP faculty and student fellows session.  October 26, 2-4 pm, 2910 Édouard Montpetit Street, room 422.

GRIPP: John Tomasi, Professor of Political Science, Brown University.  November 2, 2012, 2-4 pm.

GRIPP faculty and student fellows session.  November 16, 2-4 pm, 2910 Édouard Montpetit Street, room 422.

GRIPP workshop: on Pablo Gilabert,  From Global Poverty to Global Equality. A Philosophical Exploration, and Matthias Risse, On Global Justice.  December 10, 2012, all day.  2910 Édouard Montpetit Street, room 422

GRIPP: David Miller, Nuffield College, Oxford.  March 15, 2012, 2-4 pm.

GRIPP: Lea Ypi, LSE. April 5, 2012, 2-4 pm.



GRIPP: Bonnie Honig, Sarah Rebecca Roland Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University and Research Professor at the American Bar Foundation.  September 16, 2011, 2-4 pm.  “’Antigone versus Oedipus?’ Feminist Theory and the Turn to Antigone."  McGill, Ferrier 456.

GRIPP/RGCS opening reception.  September 16, 4-5:30 pm.  Ferrier 428B.

GRIPP: Jennifer Pitts.  October 14, 2011, 2-4 pm.

GRIPP: Bernard Manin.  November 18, 2012, 2-4 pm

Conference in honour of Charles Taylor, March 29-31, 2012

Manuscript workshop: Daniel Viehoff.  May 29, 2012.


GRIPP:  Jeremy Waldron, Chichele Professor of Political Theory, All Souls College, Oxford University.  October 5, 2012.




MPTW: Jacob Levy McGill University: "Contra Politanism." McGill Faculty Club, Old McGill Room, 2- 4 pm, September 10, 2010

MPTW: Speranta Dumitru, Paris V. "Migration and Citizenship." Université de Montréal, Salle Z-300, Pavillon Claire McNicoll, 2900 Édouard-Montpetit, 2-4 pm. October 1, 2010.

MPTW: Avery Kolers University of Louisville. "Attachment to Territory: Status or Achievement?" Ferrier 456, 2-4 pm, November 19, 2010

Workshop on judicial review and democracy. December 3, 2010

Ferrier 456, McGill
9.30 am -10.15 am: Wil Waluchow (Philosophy, McMaster), ‘On the Neutrality of Charter Reasoning’
10.30 am -11.15 am: Grégoire Webber (Law, London School of Economics), TBA
11.30 am -1.00 pm: Sari Kisilevsky (Philosophy, Queens College, CUNY), Comments on the morning session; Discussion
1.00 pm - 2.00 pm: Catered Lunch
2.00 pm - 2.45 pm: Robert Leckey (Law, McGill), ‘Complexifying Roncarelli’s Rule of Law’
3.00 pm - 3.45 pm: Victor Muniz-Fraticelli (Law/Political Science, McGill), TBA
4.00 pm - 5.30 pm: Stefan Sciaraffa (Philosophy, McMaster), Comments on the afternoon session; Discussion

MPTW: Catherine Zuckert Notre Dame: "'Plato's Philosophers': The Political Payoff." March 11, 2011

MPTW: Erica Benner Yale University. April 15, 2011

GRIPP fellows' workshops: October 22, November 5, November 12, January 7 2011, January 21, February 4, February 11, March 25, April 8



Manuscript workshop: Helene Landemore, Politics, Collective Intelligence, and the Rule of the Many. April 30, 2010.

Conference: "Hegel After Spinoza: A Symposium." April 9-10, 2010.

MPTW: Nancy Rosenblum, Harvard University, "Partisanship and Independence: The Moral Distinctiveness of 'Party ID'". January 22, 2010.

Conference: Persuasion, Politics, Law. January 15, 2010.

Conference: "G.A. Cohen In Memoriam : A Critical Celebration of His Life and Work." November 27, 2009.

MPTW: Andrew March, Yale University, "Islamic Legal Theory and Modern Religious Liberty." November 6, 2009.

MPTW: Cécile Laborde, University College London. "Political Liberalism and the Separation-Establishment Debate: A Republican Interpretation." September 16, 2009.

MPTW: Yves Charles Zarka, Paris-Sorbonne. "La légitimité démocratique en question." September 11, 2009.



Conference: "The Bouchard-Taylor report, one year later: international perspectives/ Le rapport Taylor-Bouchard, un an plus tard: perspectives internationales." May 1-2, 2009

Book manuscript workshop: Alan Patten, Equal Recognition: The Moral Foundations of Minority Cultural Rights, April 27, 2008

Book manuscripts workshop: Kinch Hoekstra, Thomas Hobbes and the Creation of Order, and Arash Abizadeh, The Oscillations of Thomas Hobbes. March 21-22, 2009.

MPTW: Gerald Lang, University of Leeds. "Invigilating Republican Theory". March 27, 2009.

MPTW:Ryoa Chung, Université de Montreal. "The Ethics of Gray Zones in International Relations". March 12, 2009.

Conference: "Settling moral accounts: Law, politics and morality." December 5, 2008.

MPTW: Arash Abizadeh, McGill University. "The Oscillations of Thomas Hobbes: Between Insight and the Will". October 31, 2008.

MPTW: Philip Pettit, Princeton University. "Varieties of Public Representation." October 17, 2008.

MPTW: Alex Voorhoeve, LSE. "Why it Matters that Some are Worse Off than Others: An Argument against the Priority View." October 10, 2008.

Inaugural Lecture: Charles Taylor, McGill University. "Secularism in International Perspective/ Laicité: une perspective comparative." September 19, 2008.



In the fall of 2008 GRIPP formally succeeded and incorporated the Montreal Political Theory Workshop. Earlier  MPTW events listed below.


April 18, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Montreal Political Theory Workshop annual conference, "Cosmopolitan Duties and Domestic Consequences: The Case for Immigration/> Shelley Wilcox , " Immigrant admissions in the nonideal world", Joseph H. Carens , " The Case for Open Borders", Patti T. Lenard , " How do the politics of historical redress apply to immigrants?", Christine Straehle , " Immigration, trust, and the welfare state",

March 28, 2:00 PM
McGill University, Thompson House 3650 McTavish Street, room 405
Rebecca E. KINGSTON (University of Toronto), " Cities and Public Passions in Plato and Aristotle."

March 7, 12:00 PM
McGill University, McGill Faculty Club,3450 McTavish Street, Old McGill Salon
Jill Frank, "The Authority of Poetry in Plato’s Republic."

January 25, 2:00 PM
McGill University, Thompson House 3650 McTavish Street, room 404
Victor Muniz-Fraticelli, " The Corporate Form."

November 30 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Université de Montréal, 2910 Édouard Montpetit Street, room 422 "Political Philosophy and the City."
Daniel Weinstock , (UdeM), "An agenda for a political philosophy of the city." Loren King , (WLU), "Cities, Citizens, and Democracy." Frank Cunningham , (UofT), "Urban Philosophy: An Approach." Patrick Turmel , (Laval), "Are Cities Illiberal: Municipal Institutions and the Scope of Liberal Neutrality." Martin Blanchard and Christian Nadeau , (UdeM), "L'impasse morale et politique de la voiture en ville/ The moral and political dead end of cars in the city."

November 23, 2 :00 PM
McGill University, Thompson House, 3650 McTavish Street, room 404
Iwao Hirose , (McGill University), "Can disability discrimination in health care be justified?."

October 5, 2:00 PM
Universite de Montreal, CREUM, 2910 Edouard Montpetit Street, room 309
Hervé Pourtois (Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve), " Pertinence et limites du principe d'égalité des chances en matière d'égalité scolaire."

September 14, 1:00 PM
McGill Faculty Club, Old McGill Room; Colin Farrelly ,(Waterloo University), " Genetic Justice: Where to Begin"



March 9 1:00 PM
Thomson House, McGill University; Nahshon Perez, (Universite de Montreal), "The Liberty to Culture: A Substantial Liberty Approach"

March 16 12:00 PM
Thomson House, McGill University; David Schmidtz, (Universite of Arizona), "A Breif History of Liberty"

March 30 2:15PM
Faculty Club, McGill University; Joe Carens, (Universite of Toronto), "Live-in Caregivers, Seasonal Workers, Foreign Students, and Others Hard to Locate on the Map of Democracy"

April 13, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
McGill University, Faculty Club "Hume and Smith on Justice, Sympathy, and Commerce"; Sharon Krause , (Brown University), "Frenzy, Gloom, and the Spirit of Liberty: Paradoxes of Political Agency in Hume", Andrew Sabl ,(UCLA), "Humean Toleration: Policy, Paradox, and Law of Nature", Sankar Muthu , (Princeton University), "Adam Smith's Critique of International Trading Companies: Theorizing 'Globalization' in the Age of Enlightenment”, Samuel Fleischacker , (University of Illinois at Chicago), "Frenzy, Gloom, and the Spirit of Liberty: Paradoxes of Political Agency in Hume", "Hume and Smith on Sympathy: A Comparison, Contrast, and Reconstruction"



Friday, September 23 (1pm)
Pablo Gilabert Concordia): "Basic Positive Duties of Justice. A Kantian Perspective"

Friday, October 14 (1pm)
Charles Beitz (Princeton): Title to be announced

Saturday, October 29: Workshop: "Constitution Making and Democracy in Multinational Polities" Organizer: Dominique Leydet (UQAM). Location: Concordia University, 2100 McKay, Room PR 100. Schedule to be announced.

Friday, November 18 (1pm): Elizabeth Ashford (St. Andrews): "Severe Poverty as a Human Rights Violation"


September 9: Robert Goodin (Australian National University): “Toward an international Rule of Law: Distinguishing International Law-Breakers from Would-Be Law-Makers” (11.30, Room 404 Thomson House).

September 24: Anthony Pagden (UCLA): “Empires Old and New: Is the US really an Empire?” (12pm, Room 404 Thomson House).

October 1: John McCormick (University of Chicago): “Contain the Wealthy and Patrol the Magistrates - Restoring Elite Accountability to Popular Government” (12:30pm, Room 404 Thomson House).

October 29: Stephen Menn (McGill): “On Plato's Politeia" (1pm, Room 403 Thomson House).

November 5 : Francis Dupuis-Derri (CREUM) “L'ambition politique d'Antonio Negri”(1pm, Room 403 Thomson House).

November 11: James Tully (University of Victoria) “Understanding Imperialism Today: from Colonial Imperialism through Decolonization to Post-colonial Imperialism” – to be confirmed.

December 3: Joshua Goldstein (McGill) “The Paradox of Political Education: Rousseau and Hegel on the Transformation of the Will” (1pm, Room 403 Thomson House).

January 14 (1pm): Davide Panagia (Trent): "The Piazza, the Edicola, and the Noise of the Utterance"

January 28 (1pm): Bettina Bergo (UdM): "What is Politics in Emmanuel Levinas' Ethics?"

February 11 (1pm): Arlene Saxonhouse (Michigan): "Another Antigone: The Emergence of the Female Political Actor in Euripides Phoenician Women or the Inclusion of the Excluded"

February 25 (1pm): Colin MacLeod (Victoria/CREUM): "Equality, Dignity and Children"

March 18 (1pm): Kai Nielsen (Concordia): "Cosmopolitan Justice"

April 8 (1pm): Peter Dietsch (CREUM): "Meritocracy on the back foot"

April 15 (1pm): Gerry Mackie (Notre Dame). "Schumpeter's Leadership Democracy"


September 26: Ed Andrew (Toronto) "Seneca's Socrates and Diderot's Seneca" (Room 405, Thomson House)

October 2: Kok-Chor Tan (University of Pennsylvania) "A Duty to Protect" (1:00 pm, Room 424 Leacock Building, McGill University.)

October 2: Norman Daniels (Harvard) "Why Justice is Good for our Health" (4:00 pm, Salle Z-300, Aile Droite, Pavillion Principale, Université de Montréal.)

October 17: Margaret Moore (Queen's) "Identity Groups and Identity Politics: A Limited Defence". (Room 404, Thomson House)

October 31: Axel Gosseries (Montréal) "Are Growth and Justice Compatible? An Egalitarian Answer". (Room 404, Thomson House)

November 14: Jocelyne Maclure (Montréal) "L'integration par la raison publique. Une esquisse"/ "Integration by Public Reason: A Sketch". (Room 404, Thomson House)

November 21: Matthias Risse (Harvard) "What We Owe to the Global Poor: Political Philosophy Meets Development Economics"


2002-2003 Speakers Series

September 13, 2002 at 1pm: Francis Dupuis-Deri (M.I.T.), "Délibérer ou manifester: peut-on être démocrate dans la rue?", Room 422, 2910 rue Edouard-Montpetit, Université de Montréal

September 27, 2002 at 1pm: Andrew Lister (Concordia), "Mapping Moral Disagreement: The Cases of Affirmative Action and Same-Sex Marriage", Thomson House, 3rd Floor, 3650 McTavish St., McGill University

October 11, 2002 at 1pm: Ernest-Marie Mbonda (Cameroon), "La justice ethnique comme fondement de la paix dans les sociétés plurethniques: le cas de l'Afrique" Room 422, 2910 rue Edouard-Montpetit, Université de Montréal

October 25, 2002 at 1pm: Jacob Levy (Chicago), "Ancient and Modern Constitutionalism Revisited", Thomson House, 3rd Floor, 3650 McTavish St., McGill University

November 1, 2002 at 1pm: Richard Bellamy (Essex), "Sovereignty, Post-Sovereignty and Pre-Sovereignty: Three Models of the State, Democracy and Rights within the E.U.", Thomson House, 3rd Floor, 3650 McTavish St., McGill University

November 15, 2002 at 1pm: Kenneth Baynes (Stonybrook), "Deliberative Democracy and Political Equality", Thomson House, 3rd Floor, 3650 McTavish St., McGill University

January 17, 2003 at 1:00 pm Mark Antaki (McGill), "Crimes Against Humanity and the Trial of Louis XVI",Room 404, Thomson House, 3650 McTavish street, McGill University

January 24, 2003, at 1:00 pm Darin Barney (Ottawa), "The Vanishing Table, or Community in a World that is no World", Room 404, Thomson House, 3650 McTavish street, McGill University

February 7, 2003, at 1:00 pm: Idil Boran (McGill), "The Ethics and Economics of Linguistic Coexistence",Room 404, Thomson House, 3650 McTavish street, McGill University

February 21, 2003, at 1:00 pm: Sam Ajzenstat (McMaster), "For Love or Money: The Political Philosophy of The Merchant of Venice", Room 422, 2910 Édouard-Montpetit boulevard, Université de Montréal

March 28, 2003, at 1:00 pm: Diane Lamoureux (Laval), "Après les politiques de l'identité, comment repenser la solidarité?", Room 422, 2910 Édouard-Montpetit boulevard, Université de Montréal

April 17, 2003, at 1:00 pm: Nancy Kokaz (Toronto), "Fairness in International Relations: Problems of Non-ideal theory", Room 404, Thomson House, 3650 McTavish street, McGill University


2001-2002 Speaker Series

7 September, 2001 at 3pm: Klaus-Gerd Giesen, "La cosmopolitique de Jacques Derrida", U de Montreal

5 October, 2001 at 12:45 pm: Leslie Green (Osgoode Hall and Department of Philosophy, York University) "Referenda and Democracy", Thomson House, Blue Room (top floor), McGill University

9 October, 2001 at 4:00pm: Alan Kahan, "Nineteenth Century Liberalism" at Thomson House, Blue Room (top floor), McGill University

19 October, 2001 at 12:45pm: Yves Couture (McGill), "Tocqueville et les deux conceptions de la democratie", U de Montreal

9 November, 2001 at 12:45pm: Catherine Frost (McGill), "Character Issues: Must Nations Maintain their National Character to Uphold their National Claim?", McGill University

16 November, 2001 at 12:45pm: Denise Reaume (University of Toronto) at McGill University

January 25, 2002 at 12:45pm: Henri Mbulu (U de Montreal) "Bioéthique, éthique et droit: le cas du clônage thérapeutique", Université de Montreal

February 12, 2002 at 12:45pm: Daniel Bell (City University of Hong Kong), "Is Democracy the 'Least Bad' System for Minority Rights?", McGill University

February 22, 2002 at 12:45pm: Jim Johnson (Rochester), "Pragmatism and the Priority of Democracy: The Genesis of Institutions and the Burdens of Justification", McGill University

March 22, 2002 at 12:45pm: Elizabeth Kiss (Director, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University) "Restorative vs. Retributive Justice as Building Blocks of a Human Rights Culture", McGill University

April 15, 2002 at 12:45pm: Joe Heath (U de M), "Liberalization, Modernization, Westernization", Université de Montreal


2000-2001 Speaker Series

22 September, 2000 at 12:45pm: Cécile Fabre (London School of Economics), "David Miller Against Global Egalitarianism: A Critical Assessment", McGill University

29 September, 2000 at 12:45pm: G. A. Cohen (Oxford), "Why Not Socialism?", McGill University

6 October, 2000 at 12:45pm: Thomas Pogge (Princeton), "Justice and Health Care", McGill University

27 October, 2000 at 12:45pm: Peter Digeser (University of California), "The Concept of Political Forgiveness", McGill University

17 November, 2000 at 12:45pm: Charles Blattberg (Université de Montréal), "Opponents vs. Adversaries in Plato's Phaedo", McGill University

24 November, 2000 at 12:45pm: Annabelle Lever (University of Rochester), "Privacy and Democracy", McGill Univerrsity

January 26, 2001 at 12:45pm: Alan Patten (McGill), "Political Theory and Language Policy", Thompson House, 3650 McTavish, Blue Boardroom, Third floor

February 2, 2001 at 12:45pm: Yves Couture (McGill), "L'Idée du Pluralisme Chez Montesquieu", U de Montréal, Dep. de Philosophie, 2910, Rue Edouard Montpetit, Room 317

February 16, 2001 at 12:45pm: Catherine Lu (McGill), "Justice and Reconciliation", Thompson House, 3650 McTavish, Blue Boardroom, Third floor

March 16, 2001 at 12:45pm: Christian Nadeau (Montréal), "Loi et Vertu: Le Problème de L'Obligation Politique", U de Montréal, Dep. de Philosophie, 2910, Rue Edouard Montpetit, Room 317

March 23, 2001 at 12:45pm: Daniel Weinstock (Montréal), "The Enforcement of International Norms", Thompson House, 3650 McTavish, Blue Boardroom, Third floor

April 6, 2001 (joint with the McGill Department of Political Science) at 12:45pm: Ronald Beiner (Toronto), "Is There Such a Thing as Communitarian Philosophy?", Thompson House, 3650 McTavish, Blue Boardroom, Third floor

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