McGill University’s Fall 2022 academic activities are fully in-person.

The full McGill experience

McGill downtown campus

The academic year ahead promises to be memorable and rich in the full McGill experience: a vibrant, social, exciting - and safe - campus life.

McGill is a community, and our campuses are where we unleash our full potential, genius and creativity. Our campuses are where we build friendships and forge connections.

We’re ready for an academic year abundant with the intellectual, social and cultural richness of life for which McGill is renowned.


Offering the best education

Professor teaching standing on a table

Since the start of the 2022-23 academic year, all undergraduate and graduate courses are delivered in-person, except for those specifically designed and approved to be delivered online.

True Hybrid or Hyflex courses continue to be offered where the curriculum allows and where specific conditions are met, but online, synchronous participation (i.e. optional remote participation in an otherwise in-person teaching activity) are no longer part of McGill’s digital learning experience.

Tutorials, instructors’ office hours, and other contact hours outside the classroom are in-person.



Our campuses, and the people who bring them to life, are what make us McGill


Accessibility and accommodations

With the resumption of all in-person academic activities, McGill will continue to support accessibility and reasonable individual accommodations.

For temporary short-term academic accommodations (for COVID or incidental illnesses) or for academic accommodations for immunocompromised students, contact your professor/instructor or your Faculty.

For longer-term academic accommodations resulting from a COVID infection (i.e., “long-COVID”), contact Student Accessibility and Achievement. Please note that this kind of accommodation requires medical documentation.

For questions related to residences, please contact Student Housing and Hospitality Services.


Let us know what you think

Our return to in-person academic activity in Fall 2022 is supported and guided by the final report of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on COVID Academic Planning, the recommendations of which have been accepted and endorsed by Senate and University leadership.

The members of the McGill community are encouraged to read the Report and are invited to provide feedback on measures implemented and suggestions for further changes.

Staying safe and protecting our community

It’s important that we all remain vigilant and continue to look out for each other.

  • Symptoms/positive test: If you have symptoms of COVID-19, follow government instructions as to when to self-isolate. If you test positive for the virus, do not come to campus.
    • Staff accommodations: If you need accommodations due to COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test, and you are unable to work, please fill out the Confirmation of Illness form, and send it to the HR Disability Office at disability.hr [at] mgcill.ca. (Please note that the Self-Assessment form is no longer available in Minerva.)
    • Student accommodations: Students seeking academic accommodations can speak to their relevant Faculty Student Affairs Office or the Office of the Dean of Students, as appropriate.
  • Masks: Masks at most McGill locations are not mandatory but are encouraged.
  • Physical Distancing: Physical distancing is not required.

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