Unmasking the mechanisms of emerging variants

Published: 30Sep2021

Scientists are seeking answers to why SARS-CoV-2 variants are so transmissible and why they cause greater disease severity than the original strain. McGill’s Qian (Vivian) Liu, together with...

McGill Professor implementing AI tech to predict and monitor COVID-19 in long-term care residences

2 Jun 2020

The number of COVID-19 patients and deaths continue to rise in nursing homes in North America. Long-term care (LTC) facilities in Quebec and Ontario have been facing the rapid spread of COVID-19...

Call to McGill Researchers: Complete survey on COVID-19 Diagnostics R&D

Published: 29May2020

The availability of reliable, rapid diagnostics is key to reopening our economies. Canada has an opportunity to take a leadership role in accelerating the development of these tests through a...

Help fight COVID-19 by joining the CanCOVID initiative

Published: 17Apr2020

McGill faculty with relevant expertise are encouraged to join the CanCOVID initiative, an expert community of Canadian COVID-19 researchers, clinical collaborators, and healthcare stakeholders....

McGill spinoff Laurent Pharmaceuticals to begin clinical trial on COVID-19 treatment

Published: 9Apr2020

Company to run a Phase 2 clinical study with LAU-7b, a pro-resolving drug with potential antiviral properties against coronavirus

Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF)

*The Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF) program is now closed*...

Survey Examines Grocery Shopping in the Time of COVID-19

19 May 2020

A McGill human health expert is looking for Quebecers to take her online survey to collect data about people’s food shopping experiences during the period of strict COVID-19 physical distancing...

Social Science and Humanities researchers also active in battle against COVID

4 May 2020

Twelve McGill researchers are the recipients of a total of $179,258 in one-time grants for COVID-19 rapid response projects, jointly funded by McGill’s Social Science and Humanities Research...


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