$110M for Nine Innovative McGill Research Projects

Published: 9Mar2021

Read the story in the McGill Reporter Read the McGill news release Funded Projects:   SecureData4Health McGill team lead: Guillaume Bourque, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Future Ready: The Translation Trailblazer

20 Jan 2020

As a boy in Jaffa, Israel, Nahum Sonenberg walked regularly with his father to the Old Protestant cemetery on a hill overlooking the harbour. His father showed him the gravestone of Thomas Hodgkin,...

I+P Partnership Program to help researchers partner with industry

27 Nov 2019

The Office of Innovation and Partnerships (I+P) has launched the new I+P Partnership Program, thanks to funding recently provided to McGill by the Government of Quebec’s Ministère de l’Education et...

Future Ready: The Pathfinder

30 Sep 2019

Drug discovery is a high-stakes business. The cost of developing a new prescription medicine that gains marketing approval from regulators is about $3.5 billion – and 7 out of 8 new drug candidates...

Future Ready: The Graphene Innovators

27 Mar 2019

What is a million times thinner than a human hair, yet 200 times stronger than steel? What is lighter than paper, yet stretches up to 20% of its length?

Welcome to our new website

18 Sep 2018

Our new site has taken flight. Some features of the new site include:

The force behind innovation at McGill

28 Jun 2018

Professor Coulombe brings extensive experience in technology development, as well as a strong background in supporting strategic academic-industry partnerships, to the role. A former senior...

Dr. Ronald Lafrenière appointed Managing Director of McGill’s CFREF Program, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives

Published: 20Feb2017

In September 2016, the federal government made an unparalleled investment in research and innovation, announcing $84 million in funding over seven years for McGill’s Healthy Brains for Healthy...


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