What is a “pre-disclosure” stage of the technology transfer process? 

“Pre-disclosure” refers to the stage from which the Office of Innovation (the Office) begins to work with researchers, to the time that they formally report a new invention to us. This also refers to the stage during which researchers are interested in the commercialization process and want to discuss and learn more about how intellectual property and commercialization work at McGill. 

What are the usual events that occur during this “pre-disclosure” stage of the technology transfer process? 

A Technology Transfer Manager is available to meet with you and explain our process and outline the various steps required to move through the commercialization process. We can also advise you on when you should formally submit a Report of Invention (ROI) and what you are likely to need in terms of research findings in order to bring the technology to a development stage at which the ROI will be accepted and a patent application can be considered. 

What are the factors that I should consider prior to filing a Report of invention with McGill’s Office of Innovation and Partnerships? 

McGill researchers, including professors, staff, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows, are encouraged to contact the Office of Innovation in the early stages of the development of your technology. While your invention may be too early to consider filing a patent, we can meet with you and let you know what data/results you will need before the invention is ready to be reported to the Office. We can then consider patent protection and start discussing possible paths towards commercialization. As public disclosure of your technology can result in a loss of patent rights in some jurisdictions, it is important to speak with a Technology Transfer Manager prior to publishing your research findings or sharing them with any third party. This includes any public presentation, either in hard copy or online, such as conference abstracts and presentations, theses, journal papers, posters, social media, etc.