Once a disclosure is accepted by the Office of Innovation a preliminary assessment meeting with the assigned Technology Transfer Manager is scheduled within 60 days. At this meeting, you should provide all available, pertinent information on the invention, including competing technologies and commercial potential.

Key evaluation criteria

Three key criteria are considered in the evaluation process:

  1. Commercial potential
  2. and enforceability
  3. Inventor's support/collaboration to the process

Commercial potential is the most important factor in the decision, and is evaluated based on economic potential rather than on the scientific merit of the research.


In most cases, an assessment of the technology is completed within 90 days of the preliminary assessment meeting, and will lead to one of the following decisions:

  • Accepted: The Office of Innovation will invest in the invention and initiate protection and commercialization.
  • Declined: The Office of Innovation will not invest.
  • Deferred: The decision is postponed for up to 1 year in view of partial or incomplete results. In such cases, inventor(s) are encouraged to submit their additional data during the deferral period for assessment.

E-mail confirmation of the decision will be provided to the inventor(s). In cases where the decision is not to invest, the inventor may request an assignment of rights for commercialization purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact a Technology Transfer Manager.