SSHRC General Research Fund (GRF) and NSERC GRF

General information

SSHRC and NSERC will allow residual funds from prior years to be retained by McGill University under certain conditions determined by their Finance and Awards Administration Division.  These funds will be transferred to a General Research Fund (GRF).  In accordance with Tri-Agency regulations, the university uses these funds for the “broad purpose of enhancing the quality of research in the natural sciences and engineering, or in the social sciences and humanities”.  Primary SSHRC and NSERC grant holders, whose grants have expired with funds remaining, may formally apply to McGill’s SSHRC or NSERC General Research Fund (GRF), which is administered by the Office of Sponsored Research, in order to complete the research project originally funded.



Guidelines, conditions, further information, and the application form can be downloaded here:

NOTE: For Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari users: by default, these browsers have built-in PDF-viewers (non-Adobe) which will prevent, at varying degrees, the opening and completion of the GRF application form.  The quickest option around this issue is to save the unopened form (right-click and “save link as”) to the desktop or desired folder and right-click to open using Adobe.



April 3rd, 2018; May 7th, 2018; June 4th, 2018; July 3rd, 2018; August 6th, 2018 (5:00 p.m.)

Return your application and all supporting documents electronically (as one PDF) to:

vera.milbradt [at] (Vera Milbradt), Administrative Officer

Tel:  (514) 398-3790