Sabbatical Leave Research Grants

General information

The purpose of an internal sabbatical leave research grant is to enable eligible sabbaticants to apply to take part of their salary as a research grant.

McGill gives sabbaticants the opportunity to take advantage of income tax regulations which allow the University, under certain conditions, to award a research grant from funds that normally would have been paid as salary to that faculty member while on leave.

Deadline: Two months prior to sabbatical research leave.

Average award: No more than 50% of applicant's salary.

Application and approval process

Guidelines, conditions and further information are contained in the application form, which can be downloaded here: Sabbatical Leave Research Grant Guidelines and Application [.doc] .

The form must be completed and forwarded to the Chair, Dean and Budget Administrator of your department for approval. The Office of Sponsored Research will then verify and forward the approval to the Human Resources Payroll Specialist Services for processing.


The Human Resources Payroll Specialist Services will process a direct deposit into the applicant's bank account for the full amount of the first budget year and a subsequent direct deposit at the start of the second budget year. It will require no special action by the Department or the grantee.

Return your application and all supporting documents to:

Vera Milbradt, Administrative Officer

Tel: (514) 398-3790