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OSR Checklist

  • OSR Checklist    (Jul 13, 2015)

    Must be completed for all externally-funded grants and project agreements. For CFI applications, a checklist will be provided to the applicants by OSR’s Institutional Strategic Initiatives team.

    Adobe requirement: The checklist can only be completed in Adobe as an active form with dynamic/interactive embedded content. Minimum requirement is Adobe Reader 10 or Adobe Acrobat Professional 9; older versions will not work properly. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader if needed.

    For Firefox, Chrome and Mac users: by default, these have built-in PDF-viewers which will prevent, to varying degrees, the opening and completion of the OSR Checklist.

    OPTION 1: The quickest option around this issue is to save the unopened OSR Checklist (right-click and save link as) to the desktop or desired folder and right-click to open using Adobe.


    OPTION 2: you may, if you wish, set Adobe as your default PDF reader for all files or for this specific file/OSR webpage. As each browser or Mac operating systems have different instructions for accomplishing this, we recommend doing a Google search for setting Adobe as a default reader for your browser and/or operating system. Adobe also provides this brief help menu as a starting point: http://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/pdf-browser-plugin-configuration.html

    Animal compliance

    • Please see the Animal Subject Research website.

    Human Participants Research

    • Please see the Human Participants Research website.

    Biohazard & radioisotope compliance

    • These forms are located on the McGill Environmental Safety Office website.


    Please contact the Strategic Initiatives (SI) Team to obtain a copy of the following documents:

    Pre-Award (John R. Evans Leaders Fund, JELF)

    • Application Builder Reference Document
    • Budget Builder Template
    • Research Equipment and Space Needs Assessment Form
    • Instructions to Vendors for Quote Preparation
    • High-Performance Computing Applications (HPCA) vs Business Applications (BA) Checklist
    • Quebec Form Instructions

    Post-Award (John R. Evans Leaders Fund, JELF)

    • Award Finalization Instructions
    • Budget Builder Template (Finalization)
    • CFI Change Request Form
    • Confirmation of Award Conditions
    • Plan for the Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure funded by CFI (August 2013)

    You can access the CFI-JELF and CRC-JELF timelines here: