Certification (test)

To obtain certification, the participant must send ananimalcare [at] mcgill.ca ( email to the Training Coordinator )and request the test. Please note that EACH participant must make the request using his/her own email account. The participant must identify in which investigator’s lab they are working or the course title for which this test is a requirement (if applicable). 

A link to the on-line exam and a temporary password (called a "Token") will be sent to the requestor via email.

There are different versions of the test and a specific one is assigned to each person; the test may not be passed on to someone else. Allow yourself enough time to complete the test as there is no option to save and continue.

The results are supplied by an automatic email upon completion of the exam, CCed to the Training Coordinator.

Know that this is related to the test for the Theory course only. If you are handling animals, you will also need to register for the appropriate workshop(s) which will have a different test at the end of each. For more information about the practical workshops, please visit the Training Program pageAll personnel who will be handling live animals need practical training: the Animal Methodology Workshop given at the Animal Resources Centre or a UACC approved equivalent. This workshop demonstrates many procedures done on that species and requires the participant to adequately perform the procedures for which he/she wants to be certified.