Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I just want to add a few animals to my already approved protocol? Or add a small procedure? Or change the anesthetic?

For any changes or additions, an amendment must be completed, submitted and approved by the Facility Animal Care Committee via Darwin, the on-line software.  The new procedures cannot start before approval is granted.

If a new student, technician or post-doc is joining my research group, is there something I should do?

All new personnel, must be added to a protocol by submitting an amendment via Darwin and making sure that the new person has the necessary training: the theory on-line course (this one) and the hands-on workshop appropriate for the species he/she will be in contact with.

The use of animal in research and teaching projects, a right?

The use of an animal in research, testing or teaching should be based entirely on the suitability of the animal for that project. It is not a right that all researchers have. The project must have scientific merit, cannot be done without using live animals, be well designed, use as few animals as possible and respect the policy of the institution and the guidelines from the CCAC.

What kind of animal use training is mandatory for users?

Effective 2003, everyone must pass the theory course in order to be compliant with the CCAC guidelines.
If in contact with the animals, the person must ALSO successfully pass the practical course (workshop) appropriate for the species he/she will be working with.

What are the details concerning the hands-on workshop?

Workshops for Mouse and Rat are given at several loactions, for details, see the Training Program page.For species other than Mouse and Rat, training is given on request or by a recognized instructor.

What is the difference between an animal protocol and an animal certificate?

There is no difference, they are two names for the same thing. The Office of Sponsored Reserch tends to use the term Animal Certificate while the Animal Care Committees tend to use Animal Protocol. For every year of a protocol, a one-page Animal Certificate is issued by the Animal Compliance Office and attached to the Title section of the protocol in Darwin. 

How long is the protocol valid?

All research and teaching animal protocol are approved for 1 year only. Renewal is done annually via Darwin, the on-line software.