Protocol behaviour

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Lists in the protocol (looks like a table):

The protocol form has many lists. There is a list for funding, species, strains, drugs, hazardous agents, housing locations, procedure locations, non-surgical procedures, surgical procedures, euthanasia methods and personnel.


When completing and viewing the protocol form, the list will always precede the individual sections specific to each item. The PI can only add to remove an item (entire row) from the lists. Committee member reviewers can only ask the PI to add or remove an item (entire row). The information in this list is fed from the individual sections.


Example of a list:



Example of a specific section of an agent from the list:

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Table of Content (TOC):                          

When completing a protocol in the role of PI, the Table of Content (TOC) of the protocol sections is on the left side (with a red or green dot next to each item). Clicking on the TOC name will bring you directly to the protocol section. Be aware that this will not save recent changes when exiting a section; you must be sure to click the 'Continue' or 'Save and Continue' button, usually in the bottom of the protocol section, if you want to save.

A red dot signifies that the section is not fully completed; a green dot means that all the required fields have been answered (required means answers to questions that are mandatory).

The main section names in the TOC are numbered. Some of the subsections are not; see example below.



TOC item numbers 18 to 34 will be repeated if more than one species is involved:



When viewing a protocol as an Web page or an Adobe pdf file, the TOC will be at the beginging. If a Web page, the section names are hyperlinked to that section of the protocol.

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Cancelling an Amendment:    

The investigator can cancel an unfinished amendment. This is an amendment which was initiated but not yet submitted to the FACC. To cancel the unfinished amendment, click the following button on the amendment section "Choose Amendment Sections":




An investigator cannot cancel an amendment via Darwin once it is submitted to the FACC. The FACC Coordinator needs to be contacted to request the cancellation. The Coordinator clicks the following button in the amendment's workflow page:


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