Ministère de l’Économie et de l'Innovation (MEI)

Updates on the competitions below and other MEI programs will be posted here once they become available.

The Ministry's mission is to support business growth, entrepreneurship, science, innovation, export trade and investment. The MEI is coordinating the elaboration and the implementation of the digital strategy.

Programme de soutien aux organismes de recherche et d'innovation (PSO)

PSO - Volet 3: programme de cofinancement du gouvernement du Québec aux programmes de la Fondation canadienne pour l’Innovation (FCI).

The Government of Quebec supports the funding of research infrastructures through its programs and in partnership with other organizations, in particular the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. Each dollar invested by the Government of Quebec is matched by the Government of Canada, through the CFI, up to a maximum of 40% of the total cost.

Quebec form instructions available in English or in French on the MEI website.

Submission deadlines follows CFI submission deadline.

PSO- Volet 4: programme de soutien au financement d’infrastructures de recherche et d’innovation.

Eligible projects are work carried out in Quebec and aimed at upgrading, expanding, renovating and constructing infrastructure, acquiring an existing building and acquiring structural equipment necessary for the activities of research, innovation, promotion and dissemination of research, the eligible expenses of which are at least $100,000 and can be several millions dollars.

Government contribution varies usually from 40% to a maximum of 80%

This program at McGill is reserved for strategic Institutional initiatives. Eligibility is conditional to all other funding options such as the CFI to have been explored.

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