Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ)

FRQ Funding Opportunities

Each Fonds lists current funding opportunities on their respective websites:

For more information on FRQ funding opportunities, see the Research and Innovation (R+I) Funding Opportunities Database.

Applying for FRQ Funding

  • Application system (forms): Unless indicated otherwise in the call guidelines, all FRQ application are submitted via FRQnet (French link).
  • Online submission process: Upon submission in FRQnet, the application comes to OSR for review. The OSR Officer will either return the application to you for editing, or forward the application to the FRQ after receipt of a completed OSR checklist.
  • Applicant eligibility: Consultthe Definitions and Eligibility sections of the FRQ Common General Rules (French link) to ensure that your affiliation and/or position would make you eligible to apply. Applicants must reside in Quebec. Some funding opportunities have additional eligibility requirements, so please check individual call guidelines carefully.
  • Administrative guidelines: Consultthe FRQ Common General Rules (French link) for rules that apply to all FRQ programs, including eligible expenses and fund administration. Specific conditions may also apply to some funding opportunities, so please check individual call guidelines carefully.


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