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OSR Checklist

OSR Checklist    (May 13, 2019)

Table of Commitments    (Oct. 5, 2018)

  • The OSR Checklist must be completed for all externally-funded grants and project agreements. For CFI applications, a checklist will be provided to the applicants by R&I’s Strategic Initiatives team.

  • The OSR Table of Commitments is a tool to ensure the appropriate validation and approval of faculty cash and in-kind contributions to research projects and agreements. For more information on the Table and faculty signature requirements, please consult the Signing Authority Guidelines for Faculty Contributions to Research Projects and Agreements.

When accessing and completing the OSR Checklist, please note the following:

  • Adobe requirement: the Checklist can only be completed in Adobe as an active form with dynamic/interactive embedded content. Minimum requirement is Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 or Adobe Acrobat Professional 9; older versions will not work properly. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader if needed.

  • Saving populated data: partially completed or completed Checklists may be saved as an active form with the populated data.

  • For Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari users: by default, these browsers have built-in PDF-viewers (non-Adobe) which will prevent, at varying degrees, the opening and completion of the OSR Checklist.  The quickest option around this issue is to save the unopened OSR Checklist (right-click and “save link as”) to the desktop or desired folder and right-click to open using Adobe.


Please contact the Strategic Initiatives (SI) Team to obtain a copy of the following documents:

Pre-Award (John R. Evans Leaders Fund, JELF)

  • JELF Guidelines (CFI)
  • JELF Components and Timelines
  • Good Quote Example
  • Research Equipment and Space Needs Assessment Form (RESNAF)
  • RESNAF Equipment List
  • Quebec Form Instructions

Post-Award (John R. Evans Leaders Fund, JELF)

  • Award Finalization Instructions
  • Budget Builder Template (Finalization)
  • CFI Change Request Form
  • Confirmation of Award Conditions
  • Plan for the Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure funded by CFI (August 2013)

You can access the CFI-JELF and CRC-JELF timelines here:

Reporting an Invention

  • New disclosures can be reported to us via our online disclosure portal. More information can be found here.


  • SciVal is an on-line bibliometric tool based on the Scopus database that offers research metrics such as publications and citations. It is available to McGill University’s faculty members, students and staff. To access SciVal for McGill, click here.