How To Print an Animal Certificate

Some agencies or offices such as Health Canada, funding agencies, Thesis Office or other institutional and governmental bodies request that a certificate be supplied. Do not confuse with the animal handlers training certificates for the theory and practical courses; what they require is a certificate that there is a valid Animal Use Protocol for the project. To download a copy of your Animal Certificate, please follow the steps below.

Note that prior to year 2011-2012, protocols were not in Darwin and therefore the cover page(s) of the paper approved Animal Use Protocol, up to the signature section, constituted the Animal Certificate. Please contact darwin [at] (Darwin Support) for assistance.

To get a copy of the Animal Certificate in Darwin

1. Once logged-into Darwin, you are in your Homepage, select from the options in the bottom of the page, the one called "Protocol Search" by clicking on it:


2. You are presented with a series of filters. This is practical in cases when you have many protocols and need to narrow it down. You can just click the button in the bottom labelled "Search" and you will get a list of all your protocols or you can type the protocol number in the field called "Protocol Number" and click the "Search" button:

3. From the list (or single item) you get, click on the protocol number of the one you want:


4. Opening the protocol for viewing:


5. The protocol opens into a very long file with the Table of Content in the beginning. Every item is hyperlink so you can jump right to the section called "2 - Protocol Title" or you can scroll down until you get there. At the bottom of the Title section, there are files. Choose the Animal Certificate for the current period (don't forget, there will be old and new ones in this list of files). Either open in your browser, save the file or print as you normally do with Web files.




6. The Certificates are all in Adobe pdf format looking like this:


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