How to Copy a Protocol into a PDF Document

Sometimes a copy of a protocol is needed so that it can be given to someone who does not have access to it via Darwin. A protocol may be printed or saved as a Web page (HTML) or Adobe PDF file.

For those with Internet Explorer with Adobe PDF capabilities, you can have a very nice copy with functioning links by using the ‘Convert to Adobe PDF” option:

1 - From the homepage, click the option on the bottom called ‘Protocol Search’;


2 - Enter the protocol number in the ‘Protocol Number’ filter and click the ‘Search’ button in the bottom – OR – just click the ‘Search’ button to get all the protocols you have viewing access;


3 - Click the protocol number of the one you want;


4 - Select ‘Show Full Document‘ and click ‘Print Preview’;

5 - Once the protocol is displayed, place your mouse anywhere in the protocol (that is not a link obviously) and use the mouse to right-click the option of ‘Convert to Adobe PDF’ (It may look different on your system). If you do not see the Adobe pdf icons in your toolbar at the top, just right-click the toolbar to add it; this will enable using the mouse too.


6 - Save the PDF file to your computer and you now have an exact and beautiful copy of the protocol with functional links.


Note: Depending on the version of your browser and Adobe software, this may not be possible. It does not work with Google Chrome.


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