Webform to request the addition of a list item in the Darwin protocol form

In order to eliminate issues of multiple entries of the same item as well as typos and unacceptable choices, the addition of a new item to a list inside the protocol form is done centrally. Be assured that the addition of your requested item will be done quickly. Note that the spelling or terminology may be slightly different. A confirmation email of the addition to the list, will be sent to the email you supplied to us here.

Enter the name of the item you wish to have added to the list of available choices in Darwin's protocol form.
We need your email address so that a confirmation email can be sent to you once the item is added to the list.
Please repeat your email address.
The type can be anesthetic, antigen, analgesic, vitamin, stimulant, antibiotic, enzyme, hormone, diuretic, antiseptic...
Details or notes worth mentioning about the item to be added.
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