Safeguard Process

white rats in a container

It isn’t easy to get a research proposal involving animals approved at McGill. Before animals are involved in research, two levels of review must occur:

  1.  A peer research panel must determine that the proposed research project does indeed have scientific merit and that it can lead to advances in understanding and knowledge.
  2. The University’s Animal Care Committee must approve the project. Even after independent research experts and the Animal Care Committee approve, the researchers must then follow strict guidelines imposed by the Canadian Council on Animal Care. At McGill, we meet or exceed federal guidelines and our facilities are inspected regularly. 

How the process works

Multi-step process ensures that research with animals is very carefully monitored at McGill University.

The federal government’s Canadian Council on Animal Care oversees every aspect of research involving animals. It inspects all animal facilities, reviews the work of university committees, reviews research projects and reviews institutional policies every three years. 

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