McGill University regards the use of animals in research and teaching, to be an integral component of continued progress in medicine, science, education, environmental sciences and agriculture that results in enormous benefits for human and animal health. McGill University is committed to conducting the highest-quality research and to providing animals with the best care and in accordance to the guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

What do I do if I feel that an improper activity has occurred or is occurring?

The University recognizes that the good faith reporting of Improper Activities (“whistle blowing”) is a necessary and valuable service to all its stakeholders.

For Research Institutes: Please contact your local Quality Assistance Advisor or Facility Animal Care Committee (FACC) Chair.

For McGill University faculty, staff and students, you have the following choices:

  • Talk to the appropriate people (the animal facility manager/supervisor, veterinarian, veterinary care staff, investigator or the technician in charge of the animals. Often it is a matter of not understanding what is being done and why.
  • If still concerned, you have two choices:
    • Report the event by completing a web form about the Safe disclosure of concerns related to animal involvement in research and teaching at McGill, which forwards the information to the Quality Assistance Advisor in the McGill University Animal Compliance Office. Note that you will be asked to provide your McGill credentials when logging into the form. This is required solely for the purpose of accessing the form to ensure only McGill staff and students use it – Your name and email will not be visible to the Quality Assistance Advisor if you want to remain anonymous.
    • Or you can [at] (subject: Want%20to%20report%20an%20event) (email )the McGill Quality Assistance Advisor.

What information is needed in a confidential Disclosure?

The Disclosure should provide information as to the specific activity thought to be improper; dates on which the activity occurred, if known; the person(s) alleged to be involved; the location of the activity and any other information that would be useful to an investigation.

Will my identity be compromised?

All reasonable steps shall be taken to protect the position, reputation, privacy and confidentiality of the discloser. Investigations shall be conducted in a manner that ensures fair treatment for and, to the extent possible, the privacy of the discloser and the respondent.

Thank you for caring and being responsible enough to take steps in ensuring that our animals are well cared for.

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