Animal Research Acronyms

AALAS = American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

AHT = Animal Health Technician

AMS = Animal Management System (software)

APWOC = Animal Policy & Welfare Oversight Committee

AUP = Animal Use Protocol

BSC = Biosafety Cabinet

CALAS = Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science

CAT scan = Computer Tomography Scan

CCAC = Canadian Council on Animal Care

CFIA = Canadian Food Inspection Agency

CIHR = Canadian Institutes of Health Research

DOW A FACC = Downtown Campus A FACC

DOW B FACC = Downtown Campus B FACC

EE = Environmental Enrichment

EEG = Electroencephalogram

EKG = Electrocardiogram

FACC = Facility Animal Care Committee

IM = Intramuscular injection

IP = Intraperitoneal injection

IV = Intravenous injection

kg = kilogram

mg = milligram

ml = milliliter

MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging

NHP = Non-Human Primate

NIH = National Institutes of Health

NSERC = National Sciences and Engineering Research Council

PCR = Polymerase Chain Reaction

PET scan = Positron Emission Tomography scan

PHAC = Public Health Agency of Canada

PI - Principal Investigator or Principal Instructor

PO = Oral administration

PPE = Personal Protective Equipment

PPD test = Purified Protein Derivative test (for tuberculosis (TB))

PRT = Positive Reinforcement Training

PT = Proposal Tracking

SC = Subcutaneous injection

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

μL = Microliter (is equal to a millionth of a liter)




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